Independence Day 2018

As I looked for pictures which I thought would capture the spirit of the day, this one seemed to do it best:

In case you’re wondering, it’s a small town somewhere in Wisconsin.  And a close-up of the crowd further along the road:

For a more “traditional” pic, how about this one:

And lest we forget:

Finally, for all those Islamist assholes out there, here’s one which encapsulates the American Dream and denies theirs:

Now… get out there, eat that BBQ and enjoy the fireworks tonight, all of you.


  1. Any guesses as to the rifles the first picture? I’m thinking 1917 Enfields – maybe nickel or chrome plated for parade duty. The photo resolution isn’t good enough for a close up but they’re bolt action with a long barrel and I think that I can see the characteristic Enfield front sight. I understand that CMP gave lots away or sold them at very nominal costs to veteran’s organizations for drills, parades, and salutes.

    A Happy Independence Day to all. Have a good time but don’t shoot your eye out or blow a finger off. “Here, hold my beer and watch this…….”

  2. I love it when folks turn out and celebrate the 4th of July as a community, here in Texas and I suppose in most towns the entire crowd stands and takes their hats off as the colors go by. When our local VFW does parades I think they have some old 1903 Springfields for the honor guard.

    As for those who are annoyed by patriotic Americans in THESE UNITED STATES and want to know why we can’t be like other countries in regards to the various amendments my response it, exactly, we are not like other countries and I hope we never will be and unlike other countries we do have the ability to stand our ground and protect our rights.

  3. My internet sleuthing (and desire to know more about my home state) says the first pic was taken in Port Washington, WI. We are looking north up N. Franklin Street.

  4. A happy Independence Day to y’all.

    Now here in Oz we try to celebrate Australia Day, being the anniversary of the landing of the first fleet.
    The activists protest the concept, and call it “invasion day” . I have not yet seen an invasion day party; and I imagine they are little fun- probably lots of faux wailing and gnashing of teeth! Your day looks to be much more enjoyable

    1. You should co-opt that name. Invasion Day sounds much cooler than “Name of Country” Day. Light off rockets, blow up watermelons, drink lots of beer, and celebrate the conquest of a savage land by the forces of Civilization! Oooh-rah!

      1. Or, throw some prawns on the barbie, drink lots of beer, mock the POMs, play some cricket in the back yard, drink more beer, and light off fireworks.

  5. Love the pic of two Marines and a Zoomie. The one guy’s look for the photographer is positively homicidal. appropriate.

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