1. I can usually shut them up by asking if they eat meat, and most do, then accusing them of being worse than animal murdering hunters.

    How so they ask? I tell them they hire contract killers in slaughterhouses and are too morally weak to do the killing yourselves, not even as honorable as a Mafia Don, who at least used to do his own killing in his younger days.

    That shuts them up. For about 5 minutes. But not Vegans, nothing shuts them up.

    I worked in a slaughterhouse. A cleanly killed wild animal gets an easy end compared to a cow.

  2. Opening day of Dove Season, September 1, a high holy day in Texas, there will be about 25 of us in Abilene Texas going out before dawn, about 20 miles, to sit in a field and watch the sun come up and then attempt to shoot doves.

    Doves are hard to hit and the average is eight shells per dove and the limit is 15 so do the math, lots of noise going off for a few ounces of meat and we love it. Our group will average ten doves per person since some never practice and other limit out, in the past my friends have traveled from New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota, Ohio, Alabama, New York, Oklahoma and of course most live in Texas.

    Lots of transportation and lodging, guns, shells, gear and fees and Texas town love our annual invasion. Do these anti people think the critters that are not shot by us live to be very old and then die in their beds surrounded by family instead of being eaten alive by hawks, coyotes and every other carnivore? Some of the most expensive meat we will ever eat.

    That’s all I have to say about that.

  3. So what’s the bet that the Michigan guy has a taxidermy business? And dare I ask if just maybe one or two of those critters were shot with the aid of a little “artificial illumination”. I hunted in the UP of Michigan for about 25 years and I’m sure that all of those shots I heard out in the woods after midnight were just guys sighting in their rifles or defending the camp from things that go bump in the night.

  4. “And dare I ask if just maybe one or two of those critters were shot with the aid of a little “artificial illumination”.”

    Dare I ask if you have posted this comment using the computer that you stole from the young boy you forcibly sodomized last week?

    (Gee, you’re right, dishonorable calumny is FUN!)

  5. Interesting demographic of these “No Hunting” protestors.

    Old white women, fat young women and white bearded beta males.

    I bet they all chow down on their store bought beef, pork and chicken.

  6. I would hazard a guess the denizens of Pics 1 and 2 think all meats come prepackaged on Styrofoam plates with shrink wrapped plastic covers.

    I was in a Mexican joint in Versailles Missouri and the owner said all the heads he had spread through out the restaurant had been bought at local estate sales. The guns hanging on the wall were all his though and he had several capable of taking everything on the walls. Merica.

    Love it or get the hell out.

  7. I am a Michigander, and I would never think of driving around with a hideous display like that. Everyone knows that if you get a mount rained on, it will ruin it.

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