1. Hey……if it increases the number of gun owners/shooters, I could care less what color it is.

  2. Missy, the point of “camoflauge” is to obscure your presence, not advertise it.

  3. I don’t think that black scope goes with the pink rifle. Makes the gun look fat.

  4. I gave my Granddaughter a 22 rifle for her eighth birthday (normal wood stock), but the case was pink camo which she really liked.

  5. The Perfect accessory for Barbie’s Hunting Lodge.


    Free! With every ‘I Spit On Your Grave Barbie!’

  6. Hasbro and Armalite team up to bring you the Limited Run Special Edition Hello Kitty AR-15! Get yours today!

  7. Why yes, my little girl wants to be a princess… like Boadicea or Olga of Kiev.

  8. Man walks down the street carrying that, people know he’s not afraid of anything.

  9. Only thing wrong with that pic is the pansy 20-round mag.

    I’ve seen quite a lot more “girlie” guns in recent years at the range, and quite a lot more girlies to go with them. I’m totally fine with that. Hearts and minds, folks.

  10. So, I sent my wife down to Cox’s to pick up a seersucker suit for me. She went to Sears and this rifle was a matching accessory.

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