5 Worst Things You Can Say To A Defeated Opponent

Ranked in ascending order of bad sportsmanship:

  • “Neener!  Neener!”
  • “I guess paying off the referee didn’t help you that much, did it?”
  • “Hey, never mind… after all, your side had the prettier uniforms!”
  • “Imagine what would have happened if I’d played you right-handed!”
  • “Yeah, yours was the moral victory. And that moral is:  in future, don’t play against someone so much better than you! 

Your suggestions in Comments;  the meaner the better.


  1. “I’m glad I didn’t waste time practicing!”

    “That was fun. I should try it eleven beers earlier when I don’t have the flu.”

  2. Your wife told me how to beat you as a reward for fucking her so well last night. If only you had a bigger cock, this might not have happened…

  3. Hey, what what was it you were saying before the game? I’ve got it written down right here- let’s go over it line by line.

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