1. Yeah, who woulda thunk that Americans, as a general rule, generally don’t have a strong appetite for taking away the rights and properties of their neighbors?

    It’s only the self appointed ruling class that seems to get a hard on for that.

    1. I respectfully disagree. The universities and schools are filled to the rafters with those idiots – and they are making more every day in their classrooms.

      I can kinda sorta see Lefty’s hatred of guns. I don’t agree with it, but I can see their reasoning – if ya want to call it that.

      What I don’t get at all is when those same useful fools line up to support censorship and actively oppose free speech. They’re queers, minorities, women – the kind of people that should know well and good what censorship entails and means.

      Whatever. I’m keeping my guns; and I’ll say what I darn well please as long as possible. Everything in life is a choice, right up to and including slavery.

      1. A good quiet percentage of the kids in uni will smile and nod at the silliness, and happily discard that nonsense once they get their diplomas.

        Others will encounter Reality outside of the campus post graduation, and learning will occur. Show of hands of those here who discarded loads of PC nonsense upon exposure to reality?

        These groups don’t make noise, and they don’t screech their way into the headlines, so it’s hard to see them.

  2. A year ago I was told a popular vote difference of 2.9M was “overwhelming national support”. Now I’m told 5M+ NRA members are “a radical fringe group in decline”.

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