Real Barbarians

So a whole bunch of school districts are going to drop Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn because he uses the word nigger and thus is guilty of doubleplusungood racism and that might hurt the tender sensibilities of someone. The irony, of course, is that Twain almost singlehandedly changed the way the entire United States thought about race, with this very book. But he says the dreaded word nigger so therefore he is eeeevil and must be taken out of the canon. What a bunch of crap.

I was going to write a post about censorship — the fact that the Left and their Social Justice Warrior Brownshirts want to censor everything because [deep breath] raaaaycism / feminism / hurt feewings / patriarchism / White-ism / [enter the hate-motif du jour here]. But then I read this fine article at Gates Of Vienna, which begins thus:

The barbarians are among us. They are not lurking on the right or lower edges of society, they are not among the uneducated or the educationally failed, they do not come from under-developed regions. They are sitting at the levers of influence in art and science, they write in quality publications, discuss at universities, manage art galleries, dominate the talk shows. Nonetheless, they are barbarians, for in their innermost being, they despise art.

I have to tell you, I can’t do better a better job than he has. The fact that this was written by a European (German, no less) makes me feel a little better too, even if he is a lone voice among the Euro-censors. It’s an excellent piece; read all of it.

It’s time these bastards start to realize just what it is that they’re doing to our culture — and if they acknowledge that it’s a conscious act of subversion, then we need to scourge them with pen and tongue (also with whips, but that’s a topic for another time).


  1. also tip my hat to Gates of Vienna.
    Only thing more amazing than the quality of the GoV operation is content. Focused on Europe, they daily present documented news that goes unreported here and censorship being such, may well go unreported in Europe. “The Baron Inc.” also cover news worldwide.
    As for multi-millionaire socialist MP Jeremy Corbyn, hardly a week goes by that the Times cartoon doesn’t feature Jeremy in a red-starred hat. Who knows, Little Jeremy may one day grow up to be a full blown communist. UK unwashed version of Bernie Sanders.

  2. I suspect that the reason is not simply that he used a particular word, but that he’s a *white* man who used that word. This, I think, is relatively easy to divine.

    But beyond that, I also suspect that part of the reason is that he is a white man who, as you say, “almost singlehandedly changed the way the entire United States thought about race, with this very book.” Something that has been pointed out many times is that it wasn’t just black people who fought for the abolition of slavery and for civil rights. Yet for many on the left it has become verboten to recognize the efforts of people with relatively low melanin content in those efforts. In reality, it was a broad spectrum cause, and we should rightly recognize everyone who struggled regardless of their skin tone.

    1. If Twain had created “Rap”, he’d be celebrated in Academe from coast-to-coast; or we’d never of heard of NWA.

  3. Scourge them with pen and tongue all you like, they’ll laugh and then figure out a way to get you fired.

    God, I sound like an Eeyore. But the lousy hard truth is that Leftists own the culture, and they hold the whip hand over corporations. Leftists don’t get fired for badthought, we do. They own the streets; look how fast they put together protests starring certain telegenic members of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student body. I don’t even know if they’ve held all the funerals yet, and those kids will miss some because the barbarians had the budget to bus them to a protest and put them up at the Marriot.

    That’s not all: The NRA is being supported by these companies

    Normally I wouldn’t put up a link to ThinkProgress, but this one is worth perusing. That’s a list of companies that have some relationship with the NRA they intend to shame. It’s a tactic in a war.

    Realize just what it is they are doing to our culture? What they meant to do to our culture they have already done, and now they own or dictate to the schools, business, most news organs, mass entertainment, and the churches. 90 % of the federal bureaucracy donated to Democrats in the last election. Maybe from the barbarian’s point of view they are entering into mopping up operations.

    But despair is a sin, no? The GoV post was useful. I’m going to hold on to that term, “respectable barbarians”. As well, I will look for places to hurl the charge of hating beauty. We’ve been half a century getting to where we are now, might as well pick up cultural weapons, though it be a long slog to get back to our starting point.

    You’ll like this:

    Magical Europe on Gab

  4. Obama said he was going to fundamentally change our society. the left did not care as he was a cool colored dude.

    From my point of view he did everything he set out to do. I don’t know if we can reverse 30 years of decline with 8 years of MAGA. Hopefully it will keep grinding along lone enough for me to retire and enjoy a few years of it.

    I do not give that outcome overly good odds at this time however.

    Oh well. no one gets off this wheel alive anyway.

    But I hope to get a chance to level the playing field before I go.

  5. I read Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn in 1968 when I was a high school senior. I don’t think that anybody was offended by the language because we understood that Mark Twain wrote of a different time. When I read the books again about 20 years ago I caught Huckleberry’s comment about his friend Jim. He was taught that if he helped a runaway slave he would go to hell. He said “Okay then, I’ll go to hell.” So Huckleberry Finn was willing to risk his soul for a fellow human being. Is that racist? Mark Twain was trying to teach us to do the right thing and that is never wrong. I’m sorry that today’s critics can’t figure that out.

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