Not So Outlandish

That Hanson fella has done it again, pointing out in irrefutable detail how conspiracy theories turn into actual conspiracies.

“Everyone should be keen to distinguish conspiracies from conspiracy theories. The [details] are real events, not the tales told by the paranoid.”

And it should be read in tandem with this outstanding piece by Daniel Greenfield:

“Guns Are How A Civil War Ends… Politics Is How It Starts”

I wonder how many Lefties are truly aware of the consequences of their actions?



  1. Some very good informative points here, Trump won an election that, according to our betters on the left side of things, he never could have come close to winning. Trumps victory in November 2016 was inconceivable to my well informed, well educated good Democrat friends and some Old School Republicans who knew Hillary was a done deal. I attempted conversations with them in September and October 2016 and expressed my pleasure in the momentum that was building as Trump continued to make appearances in swing states and I personally enjoyed watching my NeverTrump friends make the decision to vote for anyone but Hillary.

    Smart professional women were entranced with the idea of a woman president, evidently any woman, since the loved telling me how great it was going to be to have a woman in the office of president. When I attempted to tell them that Hillary was not a done deal they told me I was nuts, no way was Trump electable in their world. Yet he was electable and so it came to pass.

    Right after the election the undermining by the Democrats and old school Republicans came blasting in. Democrats wanted to invalidate the whole thing while some Republicans just wanted Trump to step aside so they could work with Pence who was a real politician and that, a year later has not happened, much to my delight. In fact we, those of us who disliked all of the Obama year lefty regulations and idiocy, and just wanted to be left alone with minimal government have been thrilled and amazed that the goofy, loud, orange headed Trump has exceeded our expectations. I would have been happy with the supreme court appointment and now the rest is an unexpected gift.

    How this all ends, we shall see and in the mean time more and more guns are being sold to civilians who share our conservative values and at this time most of the rank and file police and military appear to share our values. The upper level of police and military not so much, especially in the blue states and larger metro areas.

    So, we shall see how this plays out since each week brings new dirt to the surface about the crap, devious dealings and crazy deals with the Democrats and the previous administration. Like turning over a rotten log and watching pale, white larva grub worms wiggling around trying to hide once more, these Federal career Washington people are not too happy right now, they don’t like sunlight at all. Maybe, we the people have a chance.

    1. The Left isn’t helping it’s own cause any. All the pointing and screeching and demands of money and railing condemnation of privileged deplorables isn’t helping their cause much.

      They have forgotten that they are utterly and totally dependent on the good will of prosperous normal people. When the normal people stop caring, the preferences will end… and we’re close to that point.

    2. “Smart professional women were entranced with the idea of a woman president, evidently any woman, since the loved telling me how great it was going to be to have a woman in the office of president. ”

      Guh. If owning a vagina is the only criterion they’re interested in, they should find supporting Candy Montgomery Wheeler is equally palatable.

  2. Dr. Hanson is about the last one worth reading over at National Review. Thank you for the link to American Greatness, I haven’t liked giving NR clicks ever since the “Against Trump” issue.

    If the subject is civil war and consequences, here are three pieces worth some thought, offered up for the sake of the conversation:

    Radical Book Club: the Centralized Left

    Days of Rage

    Skull Stomping Sacred Cows: Reality Isn’t Nice

    We didn’t necessarily have to be thinking seriously about this sort of thing, but here we are. What was that progression of yours, Kim, from the old blog? Soap box, ballot box, cartridge box?

  3. and a whole lot of housewives and working women were intrigued with the idea of a woman in the WH, as long as it was a Socialist-Progressive and not a Conservative like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann

  4. I rather doubt we’re anything like close to voting from the rooftops– though without the election of Trump… I’ve often wondered what may have actually precipitated armed revolution in significant numbers in this country (again). The election of Chirpy McPantssuit may have done it.

    It’s rather terrifying how close we may have come.

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