Top 14 New Guns Of 2017

Via Insty comes this list.

My comments: I already own one (the Ruger Mk IV .22), and most of the others look like line extensions of guns I either have owned (e.g. Bond Arms Derringer) or am not especially interested in owning (e.g. striker-fired semi-auto 9mm pistols or AR15 5.56mm variants).

I do find this one interesting, though. It’s a .45 ACP carbine:

It might make a decent companion piece for a 1911 pistol, IF it could accept 1911 magazines as well as its issue 25-rounder (which is yummy).

Mostly, though, my overall opinion of the list is… meh.

I’ll be attending the SHOT Show in Vegas next month, and if anything stirs my loins there, I’ll let you know. (It will be a tough sell, by the way.)


  1. Interestingly there’s not a Glock on the block.
    And I have a friend (former Marine recon) who swears by his two CZ’s.

  2. I’d like to go to the SHOT show, but IWA Nuremberg is higher on my list. The American market has degenerated into Glocks, ARs, 1911s, and clones of those types. It’s rather like gun shows…an endless parade of the Same Old Stuff. The Europeans at least try to have something new.

    Now, Pedersoli had a double-barreled flintlock shotgun on display at the 2016 World Championships that was truly drool-worthy.

  3. No XD’s or M&P’s either. I don’t buy their “Best rated” lead in. This is just another fluff piece for the keyboard commandos. H/T to Ruger for their long running .22 pistol. I still have my MKI that I bought new in ’78. When I worked in a retail gun shop/indoor range, I was the go to guy for re-assembling the rental Rugers. I always thought they would have made a great test for employment to show 1) that you can READ the flippin’ instructions and 2) you can FOCUS on the task at hand.

    I have been in this game for awhile, and pretty much acquired or built most of what interests me. Not much of the new stuff catches my eye. I find myself going more retro, which is slim pickin’s these days. Lately I’ve been mulling over finding a nice ’94 Winchester in 30-30 made before WWII.

  4. Looking at the list now, and here’s my thoughts:
    1) Remington RP-9. No thanks. I won’t buy a new Remington until the up the QC.
    2) Springer Saint. SA jumps on the bandwagon. Not interested.
    3) Avidity. Not interested
    4) Creed- didn’t go anywhere, if I remember.
    5) Nosler- not my cup of tea
    6) Liberator- pass.
    7) Ruger- this one is interesting. From all accounts, they’ve even made it easier to disassemble, a bonus.
    8) H&K- I wouldn’t buy one, but I wouldn’t pass up a free one, either. Good rep from those who own and shoot them.
    9) GI 1911- don’t know enough about the brand. Are they third world slag copies, or properly machined pistols. If I go 1911, it will be Colt, DW, or Springer.
    10) Flint River- looks interesting, but haven’t heard of these in the wild.
    11) FNH- I’d rather have a 1900, 1910, Baby Browning, or Highpower, thanks.
    12) Colt- now we’re talking. I’d prefer blued, but the new Colts have a pretty good word of mouth.
    13) Remington- see my comments above.
    14) Colt CCU- Colt is THE way to go if you’re going to get an AR. This would be what I would get if I could afford a second one- or a used 6720.

    1. >7) Ruger- this one is interesting. From all accounts, they’ve even made it easier to disassemble, a bonus.

      Taking them apart has never been nearly as much of a problem as putting them back together. Nearly every time I have my Mark II apart for cleaning, I need to break out the manual at some point during reassembly.

      From what I’ve read, the Mark IV addresses that issue as well.

      1. I have a Mark III 22/45….. and it took the guys at DFW Gun Range (yeah, Kim’s favorite people, there in the sidebar) 45 minutes to reassemble the thing. These guys are experts. I’m not ever going to have that much dexterity.

  5. My problem with the list is the vast majority of them are 9mm…which unless you shoot someone in the head, or heart, it’s very likely they will remonstrate with you quite violently why you shouldn’t be shooting 9mm!

  6. I continue to be a fan of pistol caliber carbines. The only issue with 1911 compatibility is magazine capacity. But my 1911 swaps mags with the Marlin Camp Carbine, and the Delta swaps with a Mech Tech CCU (which makes Colt’s use of that acronym a bit annoying).

    I hadn’t been interested in an AR style firearm (MSR per the gun press), but a fortuitous win of a gift certificate from LaRue Tactical (a higher-end manufacturer of ARs) and then winning a place on a discount list after using that card to buy some parts has led me to appreciating them more, at least the very nice one I was able to put together (in my garage with a few tools, that shoots < 1 MOA). After handling a quad rail model and an original plastic-handguard one, the LaRue is pretty darn nice. ARs have grown on me.

    I may end up with another in 7.62×51 because years ago I followed the advice of a blogger named Kim and bought a ton of surplus when it was cheap, but never got around to buying a rife to shoot it in…

    I'm also a fan of the Ruger 22 pistol. Mine is a Mk-2 22/45 target model, and is a wonderful piece, to the point I don't feel the need to update it despite the improved field-stripping available.

  7. Kim,
    I read the list and came away with more or less the same conclusion as you. That said, I’m guilty of joining the 9mm bandwagon, having recently acquired a Canik TP9SA.
    This morning it occurred to me that instead of the AR layout .45ACP carbine, something like an M-1 Carbine in .45acp would probably suit you quite nicely.
    Have a happy new year as well as enjoying fair winds as jet about our little blue planet.
    – Brad

    1. Brad
      what do you think of the Canik? I won one at a Friends of the NRA dinner last year, but since I already have a 9mm service pistol (EAA Witness) I gave it to my brother, unfired. It felt ok in the hand, but the decocker was _weird and the rail was not compatible with the light and laser I tried to fit on it for him.

      1. Duodec,

        I agree that the decocker on a single action only pistol is a bit goofy, but I looked past that. My TP9 is purely a range queen and more than up to the task. It fits my hand well, has very tolerable felt recoil, cleans easily, and shoots where I point it. Oh, and additional mags are frequently less than $24.
        I’d buy it again.
        Duo, one last thing. I recall you’re near Chicago. If you’re anywhere near the north side burbs, I’d be happy to meet at my favorite range.
        If you know, check out a group called Northshore Shooters.

  8. I have two questions:

    Q1: Does the barely ground off molding flash on the forward edge of the Springfield Saint’s gas block look really fugly to anyone else?

    I honestly think that my Johnny Seven-OMA had better fit’n’finish.

    Q2: Can someone point out the suppressor threading on the Ruger Mk IV?

    Must be *ghost* threading.

    Clickbait clowns can’t even match the right illustration to the puffery they cut’n’pasted from the manufacturer’s brochure.

    Also, I’ve seen the red-style Ruger logo look snazzy on _some_ grips. But adrift in a sea of gloss black, it makes *this* pistol look like it was made by Fedtro, not Ruger.

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