In an earlier post on music, I griped:

 I’ve become sick of all the old music, “old” being defined as 60s-70s music of my rock star (uh huh) youth. I mean, if I hear “Sweet Home Alabama” and anything by Led Zeppelin one more time, I’m going to slip the safety off the 1911.

So maybe that’s what Classic Rock needs: for new guys to reinterpret their music (as opposed to just reproducing it), much as Dred Zeppelin did to Led Zeppelin (I love the Dred, by the way).

And it’s happened, in (of all places) Finland (!). Have a listen to the Leningrad Cowboys (!!) performing the aforementioned Sweet Home Alabama live with the Red Army Choir (!!!) and be entertained by all the rest of the Cowboys’ interpretations of the old hits as they appear on the page (e.g. the turgid Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door and even the syrupy Those Were The Days).


I am a happy man today, and I have The Englishman to thank for bringing these guys to my attention. (I know they came on the scene in the 1990s, but somehow I missed them. More fool me.)

And now, if you’ll excuse me… I’m going to buy the album.


  1. Hahahaha! These guys are cool! I like them. I’d like to know what they sound like in the studio, though.
    Let us know about the album.

    I know exactly what you mean about Classic Crap. The radio stations playing that crap are long gone from my radio pre-sets. The most over played songs in rock ‘n’ roll history:
    1. Stairway to Heaven
    2. Hotel California
    3. Money
    4. Bohemian Rhapsody
    5. Rocket Man
    6. Margaritaville – not rock, IMHO, but those staions play it all the time…

    Thanks to you and the Englishman.

  2. My 20 something boys showed me how to browse YouTube a few years ago. Lots of very interesting stuff out there.

    Chechia –
    Switzerland –
    Texas! –
    Hungary –

    Even if you hate my stuff, once you’re on youtube looking at your stuff, the right sidebar will have suggestions similar to or somehow related to your stuff by some youtube algorithm. I am often up very late just linking from suggestion to suggestion, looking at new stuff, weird, horrible or fantastic.

    And most of it you can download for free.

  3. “My music” reminds me of people and places. I need not hear it daily or at length, but I don’t feel any need for updates.

    WW II music. reminds me of how we lived during that era. ’50s rock and roll reminds me of people and places: Occupation duty in South Korea and my two years of being stationed in Paris. Then, the college days on the GI Bill.

    Then the ’60s/’70s with folk and protest music. Memories arise of the people I knew back then.

    Regardless of how good some modern versions are, “It’s just not the same.”

    I’ve outlived way too many friends. The old versions of songs help me remember them.

  4. Hearing/seeing Leningrad Cowboys doing “Sweet Home Alabama” marks the exact instant I knew we’d won the Cold War.

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