1. In a picturesque Cornish village, way out west, a distinguished gent will say to the shop-keeper (in an accent that, if the shop-keeper thought about, would ultimately conclude was cultured ‘merican),
    “Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving”
    To which the shop-keeper replies, “No Sirrr, I thankee for thy custom”
    No, sorry, I mean Happy Thanksgiving Day”
    ” Arrh Sirr, it not be Sunday yet. Does ee wish to know where the Church be”?
    Oh, thanks but no. And do you sell Turkeys?
    “Best I can do Sirr is a Cornish pastie with chicken”
    American gent walks on, admires view, eats pastie and necessary quart of wine to wash it down.

    But Happy Thanksgiving Day to you KdT.
    And full marks to your offspring.

    A note about Australia. The English fleet, with Governor, Marines, convicts, and provisions, landed here on Jan 26th; and so we have a holiday for Australia Day. But the activist drop-kicks insist on naming it “Sorry Day”, or “Invasion Day” and also want any celebration of the founding of Australia moved to another date.
    Cannot someone invite a selective pesticide for spraying on scruffy activists?

  2. Thankful for you sir. Countless times you have put a smile on my mug, or an idea in my head. I’m grateful to ya.

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