Traitorous Bastards

Via Insty comes this article, which sums up the entire Democrat villainy quite succinctly:

Trump’s enemies—including his former Democratic opponent—fancy themselves part of a “resistance.” Leave aside the nauseating presumption of that rubric, as if they were freedom fighters struggling against a totalitarian threat.  In truth, what they are “resisting” is the result of a free and open democratic election and the rule of law.

Here’s my immediate thought:

But perhaps I’m being a little hasty, a little precipitous in my judgement of these pricks. Feel free to contradict or chide me in Comments.


  1. “Feel free to contradict or chide me in Comments.”

    Nope, not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent….

  2. I’m okay with resistance, in the form of:

    – legal (ie, non violent) protests
    – voting, complaining to elected officials
    – communicating your ideas, to attempt to peel support off the majority party

    Y’know, the 1A part…

    I’m not ok with masked “protestors” showing up to pro-Trump events to hit pro-Trump people with bike locks. (And I’m not going to listen to any nonsense that Trump people started it.) Those idiots? Yeah, Kim’s idea works.

    The problem is that a bunch of these snowflakes get their feelings hurt and decide to take things beyond just the right to free speech. And those people can go fuck themselves, pardon my German. I’m also damn tired of the media pretending it is in any way equal on both sides. It’s not. The level of ugliness from these people has always been worse — see their treatment of W Bush, McCain when he ran against Obama, and Romney when he ran. At every turn the imagery and language was far harsher. And when people on the right have gone off the deep end, the right is far more reliable at attacking and distancing than the left is.

    Sorry, got off on a rant. But, to make a long comment short: Nope, no chiding here.

  3. Said Traitorous Bastards seem to have all of their entrails, and are not on fire, so I’d venture to say the death was too quick.

    1. May be a little overkill [sic] there. O Leonine One, but I’m liking the way you think. Myself, I’d be satisfied with a little scourging prior to the hanging… but maybe that’s a little TOO old-fashioned.

      1. No overkill, IMHO.
        I keep lists of names for after the Restoration of Constitutional government:
        Flog Before Hang
        and for those especially deserving,
        Flog, Douse in Alcohol, wait a few minutes for the screaming to die down, Set Alight, Hang

    2. They’ve got all their organs…no need to waste perfectly good transplant material.

  4. To hell with them. Every histrionic attack just emboldens his supporters and makes him stronger. I say stand back and let the Democrats continue to self-emolate.

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