Via Insty, I read this little snippet [NRO link warning] and I confess to being a little bit puzzled.

If some ugly harpy came up to me in, say, a restaurant (forget that gym nonsense), and screamed: “I find your presence in this [place] to be unacceptable, your presence in this town to be unacceptable”, I’d tell her, politely, to fuck off because her opinions are of no importance to me or anyone else. Then if she persisted in her bullshit, I’d punch her in the face because, quite frankly, she’s nothing more than a bully, and I’ve found that bullies become somewhat less bully-ish when they encounter violence coming from their intended victim.

In the case of this particular harpy, a punch in the face would not affect her appearance much, and may even be an improvement:

Why do all these liberal fanatics get that pinched, unattractive look? I call it the Perpetual Scold, which somehow manages to incorporate a wagging finger into a facial expression.

“Oh but Kim,” you might say, “she’s going to sue you for assault!” Maybe so, maybe not — there’s a good chance I could plead self-defense in the face of such a verbal attack — but whatever; I might be sued, but she’d still have massive facial injuries.

And in future, maybe her little liberal buddies might be a little more civil, even polite, lest something similar happen to them when they start berating someone with whom they disagree. (In classical terms, this approach is called “Pour encourager les autres.”) Or, as some dickhead ex-President once put it: “Punch back twice as hard.”

We need to see more of it from conservatives, but unfortunately, conservatives seem to have this ingrained politeness and deference when treating political adversaries, and especially so if they’re women. (I know I do; believe me, I’d punch Professor Fair in a mood of utmost sadness and reluctance.) But we need to get over this reticence because gawd knows, the Left has none.

Update: The folly of my reaction has been pointed out to me in Comments, and I am advised that mockery would be a better course of action. So:

“I find your presence in this [place] to be unacceptable, your presence in this town to be unacceptable!”

…would be met with:

“Hey… it’s not my fault that you can’t get laid, you bitter, ugly bitch.”

Then, if she were to attempt to strike me, I’d go with Plan B (see above).


  1. So many Leftists remind me of the Palestinians nowadays. Decrying and slandering their opponents while, at the same time, relying on the good will and self-restraint of those opponents.

    Same thing from militant Feminists. Verbally and physically attack men while expecting us to never raise a finger in our own defense. For better or for worse though, that restraint is fading. Feminism has been trying to kill Chivalry for decades now, and it’s finally succeeding. I suspect the Feminists won’t like the results much: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDFN2xlo9mo

  2. I saw two videos recently that contrasted what happens when you’re attacked and either respond or don’t. In one (IIRC at Berkeley) a little woman started smacking and hitting a man, who didn’t respond, and her friends were emboldened to the point where they knocked him down and curb-stomped him. In the other the woman with the dreadlocks grabbed a guy, who responded by rearranging her face.

    We should all be prepared to meet violence with violence, as they say, if violence wasn’t your last resort, you failed to resort to enough of it.

  3. I’d think that, in that situation, an open-handed slap might be indicated more than a punch, for two reasons: one is proportionality. If one is going to be the aggressor and throw the first punch, it is easier to defend slapping a woman than punching her; one can argue that, faced with a man, a punch would have been thrown, but proportionality requires lesser violence against a woman. It’s the same argument that a cop will use to justify pepper-spraying a perpetrator rather than simply shooting him.

    2nd argument is that a slap is the traditional response to someone in hysterics, which the professor most certainly was. One doesn’t approach a stranger and begin berating them to the point that authorities must be called unless one is not operating with a sound mind.

  4. Well Kim, ya may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but my experience is, after a lifetime of reading people and listening very carefully to what they DON’T say… you can so judge people by their looks. Why does she have that punched look? Welp – because she’s a neurotic bint who obviously has a few screws loose. Sorry, but the laws of good sportsmanship require you to be the elderly gentleman and defer to us younger men to resolve something like this.

    The proper course of action, were you accosted by this woman in a restaurant setting, would be for a few of us younger fellas to politely excuse ourselves from our tables and guests, and politely but firmly escort the bint out the door. Just as you can’t punch out women, nor can you beat up retards or the mentally disturbed. A few quiet rude jokes at the bint’s expense afterward, though, would certainly be appropriate and welcome. 🙂

  5. Never touch a shrew. It’s exactly what they want, and the legal world is tilted astronomically in their favor. Even if they provoke, even if there are witnesses, save for obvious self defense.

    No, instead, point and laugh. Mock them. Tease them. Make them go entirely off the effing rails. That, their vapid little minds have absolutely no ability to deal with. If they want a war, give them one. An unfair one. As the axiom goes, the only fair fight is the one you lose.

  6. I’m 61 and I would frog march the bint right out the f-ing door. Did not like them back in the 70’s when she might have had some looks. I sure don’t need to hear her now.

  7. >why do all these liberals get a pinched unnatractive look?

    Wow anti-semitic. I can’t even……I just can’t even. It’s the current year.

  8. A few years back, the family and I were gathered for our annual pilgrimage to South West Florida, and as per tradition, the lot of us were gathered at a Goodwill. I had just found a nice copy of Barb Tuchman’s “A Distant Mirror”, and was keen to purchase the book- as I needed to read while the rest of the family shopped.
    In front of me at the checkout was yet another pinched, elderly SJW shrew, being really pleasant [sarc] towards the cashier- full of complaint and nitpick about… whatever. I was reading my book at that point. The clerk, having had enough of naggery, set the obnoxious hag’s stuff aside and rang up my book.
    And I’m sure you can guess the gracious and polite reaction from our caring and compassionate SJW. I was treated to an insulting, passive aggressive lecture about “male prividlige” and so on (ironically, the clerk was a Hispanic lady). I left- I wanted no part of crazy pants’ little lecture.
    However, in line behind me was my Mum- who’s Polish-Hungarian and yeah, the rest of the family said that I missed some fireworks. The People’s Social Justice Commissar pretty much dropped the issue and left.

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