…And Here We Go Again, Again

From the Comments on my post about the alt-Right comes this:

Splendid Isolation indeed. Young white men today certainly won’t be enjoying any splendid isolation as they grow older. They’ll be lucky if they can find any isolation at all, splendid or not. And they won’t be staring vacantly off into space, their backs turned on a world they would rather ignore, choosing not to look at what they don’t want to see. No, reality will get in their face and force itself into their space, like it or not. Nor will they be getting any ice cream, shit-topped or not. They’ll be getting a full shit sandwich, courtesy of a system their fathers and grandfathers have either supported, acquiesced in, or “opposed” with little more than impotent whining. And if you want to know who they really hate, it’s not blacks or even Jews, but smug, clueless boomers who claim to be fighting for truth and justice, for Western Civilization and against liberalism, but who reserve their utmost condemnation for the only movement that speaks for them and their interests. And I say that as a boomer myself. If you want to argue against the Alt-Right, you should deal with the actual positions they hold and arguments they make, rather than with the strawman caricature you’ve constructed only to demolish. Countercurrents and the writings of Greg Johnson are a good place to start.

I get it: I don’t know what I’m talking about, because I just haven’t studied the issue enough, or haven’t read this or that which explains it perfectly.

Here’s the beauty of age: you recognize silliness when you see it, because you’ve seen it so many times before at first hand. Add a small dose of historical perspective (such as I possess), and it’s clear that you don’t need to eat a whole egg to know that it’s rotten. People who try to justify silliness like the alt-Right are like the vicar in Punch magazine, talking about eating a rotten boiled egg: “I assure you, parts of it are excellent!”

The good part of splendid isolation is that I get to pick who my allies are, and like I said: I know who you are, I know your philosophy, I know where you’re heading, and I want no part of you.

And one last thing: if you think I’m reserving my utmost condemnation for the alt-Right, then you’re not too familiar with my writings. You probably missed the one, for example, where I suggested that I’d like to tie Senator Ted Kennedy to a chair and beat  him to death with a lead pipe. Or maybe it was Chuck Schumer… there are so many options when it comes to liberals. Compared to pricks like them, the alt-Right gets barely a mention.

You see, Mr. Expatriot, I’ve been hating liberals since before most of the alt-Right were born, and I don’t need to get lectured by some suddenly-aware Baby Boomer about the evils of liberalism and socialism and where they’re taking us. There is an answer to this problem, and the alt-Right ain’t it.


  1. Ah, yes. Age. At my 20th high school reunion, I saw why my parents had told me not to hang around with some of those kid. Especially seeing what the girls looked like.
    Once you’ve seen the “after” you recognize where “before” is likely to be going.

  2. There is an answer to this problem, and the alt-Right ain’t it.

    In 20 years, the the boomers will effectively be gone, along with the answer you propose, and all that will remain is the left and the alt-right.

    1. So, basically Europe. Where the Left wants an all powerful international government that makes all the microscopic decisions for all the people, and the Right instead wants an all powerful National government that makes all the microscopic decisions for all the people.

      Alt-Right, Cntrl-Left… I say it’s all collectivist statism, and to hell with it.

      1. *ding*ding*ding*
        We HAVE a winner!
        Spot-on summation.
        As I said elsewhere; I fear it’s going to be long, slow, and painful.
        Europe indeed.

      2. Pretty much. The Men without Chests who have been running establishment conservatism have surrendered too many times, and they have no confidence from the rank and file. Western Civilization will not be given up by the common Saxon without a fight, and if the genteel won’t lead them, the brutish will.

    2. Not quite. The Alt-Right is fissioning even now into Alt-West and Alt-White. The former will gain traction and bids fair to replace the old “nice loser” Buckleyite conservatives with a more assertive approach. The latter, I suspect, will fade out.

        1. The jewish conservatives hawks have thrown back in with the left (where they came from to start with, hence the “neo”) and are no longer a significant faction.

    3. Some of us are raising kids that will neither be left nor alt-right. I hope it’s more than just me but I’ll do my responsibility, nonetheless.

  3. I don’t hate Jews, and Hitler worship is silly. Or creepy. Both, if you like. I think of myself as Dissident Right.

    Movement conservatism doesn’t seem to have conserved much beyond the RINO’s seats in the House and Senate, and cushy sinecures for writers at National Review, the Weekly Standard, and various think tanks. Cultural Marxists call the shots in news media, entertainment, and the universities. George W. Bush was called a racist, Mitt Romney was called a racist, Donald Trump was called a racist. You or I would be called racists were we to get on their radar screens, not so?

    The population of this country was 90% white in the 1950s, and is projected to be 47% white by 2050. Not much to be done about that, but it does imply that the European descended portion of the population will take up identity politics, I think. The charge of ‘racism’ has lost its power, and people are looking around for some way to make the cultural Marxists pay for what they have done to us.

    The links below are intended for their amusement value:

    Redneck Revolt

    Someone tell doofpecker here which end of the gun goes bang.

    1. Cheer up! Those scare statistics assume further mass importation of Mexicans. Secure the border, and things will shift dramatically.

  4. “the vicar in Punch magazine, talking about eating a rotten boiled egg: “I assure you, parts of it are excellent!”

    Your memory has tripped you up here; the classic phrase is A Curate’s Egg (original cartoon at the link).

    “Curate” instead of “Vicar” is important: a curate was a junior clergyman, the bottom of the heap. A typical curate was young, raw, and understandably obsequious to superiors – in this case, the bishop, his host at breakfast.

    1. Rich,
      You will forgive my unpardonable lapse in memory by misquoting a cartoon I read when I was in my early teens, nearly half a century ago.
      Likewise my atheistic confusion over the Church of England ranks and hierarchy. I know: just because I see some bloke dressed in black clothing with a white clerical collar, I shouldn’t automatically assume he’s a vicar. Silly me.

  5. Sorry to say, but you have become redundant. Reading your “New” blog is like going back to High School thirty years later and seeing the people who never left and are bitching about the same shit. AMF!

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