Then And Now

I’ve never been a huge fan of Porsche, mostly because I’ve never much cared for the shape of their cars.  But I will say that the newer models don’t look too bad:

Here’s the original Targa:

And an overhead of the 2020:

That is actually quite toothsome.  Let’s hope they don’t catch fire like the earlier 4S models did.

Here’s the whole story of its launch.


…for not posting anything last Saturday.  There was a post scheduled, only I scheduled it for April 16th instead of May 16.  Then, when I tried to fix it by changing the post date, I set it for for May 23rd instead of May 16th (because since the Chinkvirus lockdown, I’ve lost all sense of time and one date is pretty much the same as another).  As I sink further into senile decrepitude, I seem to be wandering through life in a daze anyway.  It’s quite embarrassing.

The errant post will appear next Saturday, as incorrectly rescheduled.

And for those several Readers who contacted me in a panic, wondering if I was okay:  many thanks for your solicitude.

Now back to our regular program of invective, lust, violence and man-gun love.

Old Goats

Ripped from Teh Hedlynes:

A man in his 90s with an excessive sex drive was among eight patients aged over 70 treated by the NHS for their addiction to sex.
Over the last seven years 170 people have been referred to the NHS with sex addiction.  Eight of these patients were aged over 70.

Leaving aside for the moment whether a taxpayer-funded medical service should be treating stuff like this (Cliff Notes:  NO), I have to wonder what the hell is going on in the world.

I want to know what constitutes an “excessive sex drive” in the first place.  I remember a woman talking about her late father, who “had sex all the time, every day, with everything:  women, men, animals, raw meat, whatever happened to be there at the moment.”  He also raped his wife, both daughters and several members of his extended family.  This being back in the 1940s when people didn’t talk about this kind of thing because of shame, he was never even charged with a crime, let alone imprisoned.

I would suggest that this constitutes a sex addiction — and today, of course, he probably wouldn’t face much of a sentence either because, you see, sex addiction is a disease and he is a sufferer[eyecross]

I’m curious to see how the “sex addiction” of our 90-year-old goat compares.  I doubt it measures up.

And frankly, with the exception of extreme cases such as the one I described above, I’m calling bullshit on the whole concept.  In a nation with a population the size of the U.K., 170 such cases over seven years doesn’t even register as a rounding error.  More people are probably prone to whistling uncontrollably whenever they see a brick, but you won’t see them sprinting over to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Anyway, as long as these “addicts” are not endangering the wellbeing of others — pestering their wives, ignoring their their families in favor of prostitutes and wanking twenty times a day don’t count — my suggestion is to leave them alone.

If, however, they start committing actual crimes by going all rapey and molesting children, for instance, then castrate them and lock them up forever.

Monday Funnies

Okay, as we begin to emerge from the Chinkvirus lockdown, our eyes blinking sleepily like those of animals waking up from hibernation as they poke their heads cautiously out of their holes, let’s just throw a few last coronavirus things out there:


And in that vein, a little more of the same, only more contemporary:

Ready to face the world, yet?

Wonderful Women – S Is For Superb

Lots to choose from — this may be a two- or even three-weekend thing.  Starting with Ye Oldees,there’s Ziegfeld Girl Sue Conroy:

Sue Conroy –  by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Love the hat.

Another Sue, the kittenish Sue England:

Next, we have The Divine Sarah (Bernhardt):

Moving on, we have the equally-divine Susan Cabot:

…and the still-more divine Susan Hayward:

And in color:

Next in the “Divine S” series, there’s Sheila Ryan:

Sheila Terry:

…a very young (and succulent) Shelley Winters:

And, of course, Shirley Ross:

…followed by Sylvia Sims:

The first of the Italians, Silvana Mangano:

…and we’ll feature a couple more sibilant Italians (including you-know-who), next week.