Gratuitous Gun Pic: CSMC A-10 American (20/28ga)

Here’s a pretty one from Champlin Arms:

I’ve had a fresh perspective on Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company ever since I watched Jonny do a tour of the place a while ago.

Despite being located in gun-hating Connecticut, it’s a company I’d love to buy from, especially one their top-end RBL shotguns.

Of course, I’d get a side-by-side and not one of those new-fangled O/U things, but still.

…and of course with a double trigger:

But that’s just me;  others may vary.


  1. They are about a half hour from me and I’m scared to visit with my wallet and title to my truck.

    The Connecticut River Valley used to be the Arsenal of Democracy with all the firearms and defense contractors. In this region we still have Sikorsky Helicopter, Pratt and Whitney which is now owned by Raytheon, GE Electric Boat or whoever owns them now, Ruger (mostly made elsewhere), Marlin (now made elsewhere), Wichester (no longer in New Haven), Colt, Smith and Wesson (now departed to Tennessee except their forging operation and I think revolver factory), Harrington and Richards, Kahr (near Worcester I think), PTR (gone south somewhere), outside the immediate area was Remington in Ilion NY now gone, Bushmaster or DPMS or some other AR maker was in New Britain and they’re gone.

    Gone with those firms are good paying industrial jobs and many other companies that made products for the firearms industry and the other companies who supplied goods and services to the workers.

  2. This isn’t really on topic, forgive me, but the reference to 20 gauge reminded me.

    Does anyone make a short barrel 20 gauge semi-auto? I can find lots in 12 gauge, but none in 20.

    My wife and I walk a lot in the BC Rockies, carrying bear spray. Last year 2 people were killed by a grizzly despite using bear spray.

    Last week we were out with me carrying my long barrel 12 gauge pump. It’s too long, heavy and awkward. Plus if a bear does go at us I fully intend to panic and a semi auto might help me get extra rounds out.

    Final question: Buck shot or slugs or both? I’m thinking 7 x 2 3/4 shells, 3 buck shot, 2 slugs, 2 more buck shot.

    1. Just get a gunsmith to trim the 12ga’s barrel to the minimum length allowed by law, plus 1.27mm (½ inch).

  3. I’m not aware of any major manufacturer who makes a “combat” semi-auto 20 GA.

    Don’t be too quick to rule out a pump action. Obviously those heavy loads generate recoil, and with it muzzle rise. Many find that cycling a pump action actually helps them recover back on target a bit more quickly than a semi-auto. With practice, a pump can be run very fast. Also, many more 20 GA models available.

    As to your shotgun, any chance of just getting an 18-inch barrel? For example, Mossberg lists 8 different 18.5 inch barrels in their parts section.

  4. I’ve a Remington 20 based on the 1100,. With the deer barrel on it is short enough. If you take out the plug you could have one in the chamber and five in the pipe for a slug followed by two #3 buck and the that again. Only thing you would have to do is safety and then trigger. That should work. 12.7 mm would be a half inch if my box wrenches provide a clue.

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