1. I used to drink far too much and knew a lot of just plain alcoholics. It very soon became clear that everyone on this planet, including me, lied about how much they drank. Usually they had 3 times as many as they admitted, sometimes as low as twice, often 4 times or more.

    We did it by outright lying, pouring over-sized drinks or ‘forgetting’ the two beers we had with lunch, etc.

    So unless statistics are gathered by locking people up 24/7 for months or years at a time, I don’t believe them at all.

    Human beings tell lots of lies? Amazing, innit?

    Me, I only have 2 drinks a day.

  2. It’s not that white wine actually increases the risk of prostate cancer. It’s that the kind of “man” who drinks white wine engages in other pursuits that increase the risk.

    Or to quote Christopher Hitchens, “Wine Is Red.”

    > Me, I only have 2 drinks a day.

    The first one and the last one?

    What that graphic really says is “too much of a good thing ain’t a good thing.”

    The wise man knows that “moderation is all things” also applies to moderation. Sometimes you have to be immoderate.

  3. Seriously, alcohol, especially red wine, (says I) is a great gift from God and proof that he loves us.

    It is a great sin to refuse it and an equally great sin to abuse it.

  4. Where’s the similar chart for single malt? (I recognize there’s no analogue for “white” or “red” wines with scotch, maybe a chart contrasting single malts to the witches’ brew of the blended stuff, eg., “the liquid version of meat plant floor scrapings.”)

    And, to continue the comment theme, technically it’s “only one drink” if it begins at dawn and continues uninterrupted to vespers.

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