1. I am retired and my wonderful wife works part time tutoring math. Today I showed her this posting about boobs and she laughed a lot, hers were fantastic at 48 years old when I married her, I was divorced and she was a widow. Now at 72 years old hers are most pleasant. When she came home I was cooking a nice shrimp boil , with new potatoes and caramelized onions supper and I was kind of put off when she sat down with a glass of wine and did not check on how the meal was going. I was, as usual an idiot and mentioned that to her.

    Just now 20 minutes after we had finished our meal she came in and gave me a hug and apologized and of course I turned around in my chair and apologized and she hugged my head into her boobs, I told her that makes everything all right and she said just like mac&cheese for kids, women’s boobs have power to make it all alright.

  2. Related funny: At the bottom of the linked article, there was a related video, front-lined by JLo, with the title “Big boobs are back in style”.

    When did they ever go *out* of style?

  3. What’s a feller gonna do? Etiquette sez ‘Never eat dessert before the main course’. And viewing the lady in flic #1, one must say “that’s a lotta-lotta beef!”

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