1. Escape from the nudist camp proved to be more difficult than it seemed.

  2. 2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollah!
    ride like a home boy, let out a hollah.

  3. Four bare bums
    A-hanging on a wall
    Four bare bums
    A-hanging on a wall
    And if one bare bum
    Should accident’ly fall
    There’d be three bare bums
    Left hanging on the wall
    Thee bare bums …

  4. the people at the regular resort grew tired of being peeped at by the nudists.

    This will show them!! Let’s see how those clothed people like getting peeped at!!

  5. Sir Francis Gripe (to Miranda): But me no Buts— Be gone,…..
    ….The Busie Bodie, Act 2, Susanna Centlivre

  6. “Now, when you jump, you have to centered on one of the tall ones, or you’ll get stabbed in both ass cheeks.”

  7. In this stunningly exquisite portrait — wearing their cutest summer outfits — we see one pair of ‘curvy’ Size 22 models getting their rolls out!
    [explosive horking…]
    An aside:
    A couple decades ago, the latest ‘normal’ for American women was Size 16.
    [explosive horking…]

    1. One thing to remember, they are only size 22 if they buy at Walmart. Buying at Ralph Lauren or Givenchy, Agent Provocateur or a similarly expensive store means they are only size 12.

  8. The US Department of Justice has unveiled recommended prototypes of the new Hi-Lo Prostitute, which they will be mandated for all sex workers starting next year, in order to comply with the public accomodation requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The DOJ said the requirements and location for ADA signage on Hi-Lo Prostitutes, including braille and pictograms, will be fourth-coming.

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