Not Shocking; Hilarious

If this little story doesn’t make you guffaw with laughter, we can’t be friends:

This is the shocking moment a King’s Guard horse bites a tourist after she touches the animal while posing for a photo.  Video footage, which has gone viral on social media with over 855,000 views, shows the woman putting her hand on the horse’s neck while posing for a photograph.  The horse then swings its head towards the woman before clamping down on her saree.

My only regret is that it didn’t bite the fool woman’s tit off.  It tried its best, though.

Where do people get the idea that the world is their own personal little stage where they can do whatever they like, without suffering any consequences?

Update:  Heeeeeerrrre comes another one!  This time, Snowball got a good grip.


  1. I’d have laffed right out loud if she’d cracked her head on that wall as she was stumbling.

  2. Way back when I was a young child of 10 or 11, my family visited Washington DC. One of the places we visited was the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. My dad was talking to my brother and me about what the Tomb represented, when some middle-aged Karen (though we didn’t call them that back then) ducked under the ropes to get a better look or pose for a picture or something.

    When the guard reached the end of his march and turned around, he saw her, dropped to one knee into a firing stance, and yelled at her to get behind the ropes. I never saw a woman scramble backward so fast. The whole crowd backed up a pace. When she was back on the correct side of the ropes, the guy came to attention, saluted the Tomb, and started his vigil again. The woman quietly left, probably to change her underwear. Her husband also slunk away, trying to act like he wasn’t with her.

    (I’ve learned since then that his rifle probably hadn’t been loaded, but it still had the correct result. And I have no doubt that he’d have thrown her back across the rope if needed.)

  3. I no longer go where “tourists” go because they are such an embarrassment to the human race in general.

  4. I feel bad for the animals. How long do you think the poor animals had to have the vile taste of those idiots in their mouths.

    I love “pet the fluffy cow” season at the Western National Parks. I’m definitely cheering for the animals. People as a whole are stupid, arrogant and boorish. Thin the herd of imbeciles.

    Some folks will learn that the stove is hot and will hurt you when they are told this information. Too many imbeciles demand to grab a hold of the hot stove, get burnt badly and do it several times before they realize that touching a hot stove is dangerous.

  5. I’m probably comparing apples to oranges but I grew up in Detroit in the 50’s and 60’s(I’m 75). Detroit had a lot of horse cops. Per my dad, they were used a lot for riot and crowd control and one of their stables was in Rouge park near my home, we would see the cops patrolling in the park a lot and kids often petted the horses. Maybe they were trained differently but I dont remember cops telling us to stay away.

    1. Probably different training. Police horses are used in crowded events so the cops have a high vantage point, so they are used to being near strangers. These guard horses are not used that way and only interact with men wearing red coats.

      1. unless things have changed, the guard horses are combat horses first and foremost, trained to defend their rider and themselves.

        They’re NOT nice pets. Though not a threat to people obeying the rules and staying a short distance away, do NOT touch them.

  6. Idiocy combined with a lack of respect. They are not Disney employees in costume, they are members of the military in uniform, on duty and doing their duty. Instead of signs telling the public the horses may bite or kick, the signs ought to warn the public that interfering with the guards or their horses will result in arrest and a good stiff fine. In the fine print under that they can add that any injuries suffered by a member of the public will result in being dumped off at the nearest NHS hospital where they can wait for hours before being seen.

  7. These soldiers and the horses are working. Does anyone come bother you at work? just your boss and some coworkers. Give the soldiers and the horses the space they need to do their job.

    And parents, it’s your job to control your kids and keep them out of the way and safe. The kid is damn lucky he didn’t get stomped on an injured badly.

  8. There are a number of YouTube channels which specialise in videoing the Horse Guards. ‘Experiencing London’ is one and ‘The King’s Guards and Horse UK’ another.

  9. In at least one video, the horse nuzzled the woman before biting. Perhaps she’s a vegan and smelled like hay.

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