Back Then

Wasting time over at C.W.’s place there’s this little bit of nostalgia, with his comment:

Certainly, my Gran’s did, except her tabletop was covered with a single sheet of green linoleum (don’t ask).

Also at C.W.’s:  he’s been on a tear about the wonderful Alfa Romeo Tipo 105 sports cars of the late 1960s and early 70s, like this one:

This might be my favorite model of them all:  the Giulia GT Junior, with Alfa’s extraordinary 1300cc engine which performed completely out of its weight class.


Finally, and I hesitate to even say this, he has no business posting pictures of terrible things like this on his website:

Doubleplus want.

I’d call that a Texas BLT, but the bread’s a little on the thin side.


  1. Yeah, that sando pik made me instantly wobbly, and I was sitting down. I think I commented about ditching the middle bread.

  2. I hate to be critical, but the refrigerator door in that photo is swung the wrong way. How could you ever get anything out of it?

  3. we had avacado green 1970s appliances growing up. I think they all survived until the 90s

  4. That fridge is about twice the size of the one we had when I was growing up.
    And the dining room was separate, 2 rooms over from the kitchen.

  5. As children, we were not allowed in the kitchen at my grandfather’s estate. The staff would shoo us out. …..and Mabel, our family cook, didn’t want us in her kitchen either.

  6. My Granny had the green linoleum table and chairs and my oldest aunt had the rose version.

    I had the inexpensive Italian sports car when I was a senior in high school. It was a 3 year old Fiat 124 Spider 1800 with the Fittipaldi performance package. That package included a limited slip, 4-wheel disk brakes, stiffer springs, a hood stripe, steering wheel, Penstar alloy wheels, and a Webber 3-barrel carb that gave it an extra 10 HP. The 5 speed transmission was the weak link. I got it with 20k on the clock and had it for almost 7 years with it down for 2 transmission rebuilds and finally a transmission replacement that took it out of commission for 8 months. When I traded it the odometer showed 50k miles. It had rolled over.

  7. We had a very similar table, with a black & white pattern on the plastic top. I’m just wondering if the countertop next to the sink had that pink & aqua “boomerang” pattern on it.

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