Catastrophe Update

Several kind and thoughtful people have contacted me to ask how things are going with my unforeseen catastrophe news.  Here’s the update.

Your kind and generous help has enabled me to get the following done:

  • the Tiguan’s back brakes replaced (the rear suspension turned out to be okay) and a hitherto-unnoticed oil leak fixed (while getting the oil changed)
  • the clothes dryer needed the bearings to be re-lubed, and another small electrical issue was taken care of, for well under replacement cost
  • the Fiat’s new tires have been ordered and paid for, installation to happen early next week
  • I’ve been able to make a small dent in the ObamaCare tax penalty, but there is still a way to go, so if I could make just a teeny appeal…

When the last has been taken care of, New Wife is going to become a U.S. citizen (yes!) and I’m going to renew my own U.S. passport… sheesh, becoming and remaining a U.S. citizen is spendy, so with y’all’s indulgence, that’s where the remainder (if any) will be spent.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), my prospects of actually using my passport to travel anywhere are minuscule to non-existent so the renewal can wait.

In the meantime, however, please allow me to thank everyone who has been so unbelievably generous in helping me out of this simultaneous catastrophe situation.  You have been wonderful, and as I so often say, I have the best Readers of any website on the Internet.

And finally, to Reader Matt G., who added this little note to his contribution:

“Excellence In Blogging Lifetime Achievement Award”

…my most embarrassed thanks.


  1. You should have the Misses hit a tanning salon and then do a quick trip down to mehico. She walks back across the border, collects her free phone, a $2000 loaded ebt card, a chit for a free vacation (for you and her) at a nice 5 star hotel, free health care etc., etc. .

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