Simultaneous Catastrophes — Update

The response to the hard-luck story below has been wonderful.  I was able to make the appointment for Tiggy’s repairs and the dryer issue will likewise be resolved this week.  Depending on the car repair bill, I should be able to get Sputum her new treads as well, and I may even get a “new” (replacement) laptop later this week.
I hate to push my luck, but there’s still the matter of the IRS/ObamaCare fiasco…

I have the best Readers on the Internet.

At any given time, things break, we fix them / get them fixed and get on with life.

However, we should always be cognizant of that old bastard Murphy, the corollary to whose Law states that if things can go wrong, they will always go wrong in the order which will provide the greatest damage or catastrophe.  Or, in the sub-corollary, that all will occur more or less at the same time.

Wanna hear mine?

In the past seven days:

  • The Tiguan’s rear suspension and brakes need replacing (at only 135,000 miles, go figure).
  • When New Wife went to get the Fiat’s tires pumped during the recent cold weather, the tire guy said that her car won’t pass the next inspection because of tread wear (after 30,000 miles, go figure again).
  • Our tumble dryer has ceased to both tumble and dry — “What about the warranty?” you ask;  why, the 5-year warranty expired a year ago because the appliance is over six years old.  As such, repairs will cost more than simple replacement.
  • Speaking of old things: my 6-year-old laptop’s chassis has given up the ghost completely — I can’t close it without causing irreparable damage, and it’s being held together with Ye Olde Ductte Taype (pics on request).
  • Still on the laptop:  the power cord has become loosened to the point where I have to use the above to keep it in place, and even then if I move too suddenly, the connection ends and Ye Olde Batterye takes over, for about an hour before it too goes bye-bye.
  • Uncle Shylock has decided that some of  my 2013 deductions were not acceptable, and I have to repay some ungodly (for me) amount.
  • So does New Wife, who upon becoming salaried as opposed to hourly, decided to enroll in the company medical plan — but whoopsie! that incurs an ObamaCare penalty (don’t ask me for the details;  my tax preparer explained it to me, as much as one can politely explain getting bent over a desk by the Gummint, and the penalty actually dwarfs my tax deduction repayment).

Ordinarily, I could handle all the above individually:  schedule payments to the IRS over the next year, for instance;  and all the others could be put on the credit card.  But doing the latter en masse  would make the monthly repayments unaffordable.  And thanks to Bidenflation (of which I may have made some mention in the past), our monthly expenses are already at the nostrils-occasionally-underwater stage.

I have already sold everything that is saleable in my house.  That includes most of my gun collection, and the few pieces that remain I need (for obvious reasons) and aren’t worth that much anyway.

Whenever someone helpfully suggests that I get a job, I point out that this blog is my job.  It’s the only one I can do, given my advanced age and health condition, and the only way I can help myself is to depend on the kindness of others as they regard the worth of my writing on this website.

For the most obvious of reasons, I can’t open up an OnlyFans account like this tart did.  Most distressingly, the market for the model in the pic below would be embarrassingly small.

…even though I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since then.  And I think I’ve punished my tiny pool of Lady Readers enough anyway.

You all know what to do.  My sooper-seekrit mailing address for Going Paper is:

6009 W. Parker Rd, Ste 149-141, Plano TX 75093

…and then there is Venmo (no PayPal, sorry) or Zelle via [email protected]

Anything you can send will be hugely appreciated, because quite frankly, this is the only way out for me if nothing else comes to the fore (e.g. a lottery win, and you know the odds against that).

Thank you all in advance,


  1. Ceterum censeo internus reditus ministerium et occultam civitate esse delendam.

      1. No worries. People gotta stick together. Grumpy curmudgeons all the more so. 🙂

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