Avoiding The Stink

Pigs stink!  News at 11.

Here’s one that made me chuckle:

A farmer has been paid almost £1.5million of public money to stop rearing pigs to allow 5,000 new homes to be built.

The deal is part of a move to reduce the amount of harmful nutrients flowing into waterways in Norfolk and to get house-building moving again, in what is the first deal of its kind.

The pig farm is on either side of the A47 bypass south of Norwich. By closing it down, the reduction in pollution means that officials will be able to grant permission for 5,000 homes elsewhere in the county.

Never mind the reduction in pollution;  just having a pig farm within a mile of a new housing development would render the houses either unsellable, or else priced so low as to be unprofitable to build.

Farms are noisome things, to be sure, and it’s not just pig farms either.  Fully a third of Mr. Free Market’s country estate is almost unusable (well, for my citified nostrils anyway) because of a neighboring cattle farm.  And speaking of city slickers:

Well said.


  1. Farm was there first, you know what you get into when you buy property near it.
    Suck it up, guys. If you want food, that’s where it comes from.

    Can’t stand nimbies buying up land near farms and airports and then later demanding they shut down because of the noise and smells and getting courts to go along with it.

  2. Stood on the front porch late last night listening to the corn blowers about a mile away. I could smell the propane and the corn. Couldn’t smell the diary Holsteins just on the other side.

    I prefer farm neighbors to people neighbors.

  3. I barely notice the smells associated with our cattle farm when I go to it and drive around or do some plinking

    But I can’t smell very well anyway

  4. I grew up on a hay farm. The cow pasture was south west of the house. That was where the lowest chance of a wind would come from that direction.

  5. Farms always lose. We have a Dairy farm about 2 miles from my house. It was homesteaded there. Now as my state is turning into Kaliforniastan, they are putting up “stack a prole” apartments on every bare patch of dirt. Including right next to the Dairy. Dairy is being forced to shutdown because there are 5000 plus voters complaining to the county commission, and maybe 50 people employed by the farm.

    Fucking .gov.

  6. I served most of my time in the Air Force in Clovis, NM, which is cattle country. I learned that the best steakhouses are near the feedlots, but upwind. The get the best choice of the steers, but if the wind changes…

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