Major Irritant

What goes:  “Fuck. Double fuck.  Double-doublety-double fuck”?

That would be me.

When my Logitech mouse starts randomly double-clicking when I tap the key once.

Yesterday I tried to see whether it was a software or hardware issue, so I tried going to Logitech’s “Customer Support” site (okay, you can stop laughing now).

  1. Tried blowing compressed air under the key, as helpfully suggested by Rajib “Logan”  — didn’t help.
  2. “Enter the serial # of your mouse, then we’ll know exactly what it is”  — fucking hell, I could barely read the thing with a magnifying glass, and every time I turned it over to read it, the cursor wandered out of the chat panel, never to be seen again.  Eventually, after uttering Sentence #1 of this post a few times, I managed to get the thing entered.
  3. “Do you have another PC or laptop where you can test your mouse?” — good idea.  Then we can see if it’s a laptop software issue or a mouse issue.  Hopped over to New Wife’s PC in the next room.  Once I’d called her to get the login password — shuddup — I connected it up and… nope, still doing it, the little fucking fucking double-fucking piece of shit.  Go back to laptop.
  4. “Session has timed out.  Do you want to log in again?” — where’s the 1911?  Oh yeah, in pieces on the table waiting to be cleaned. So I log in once more.
  5. “We’re sorry, but your warranty expired on 02/22/21.  We cannot replace your mouse.”

So I shot bit the bullet — not literally, ammo is spendy — and ordered another one.  From Amazon.

“Your order may be delayed as the product is on back order.”


[several lines of cursing omitted]


  1. Amusing account, especially the part about Logitech customer support, but a mouse is a critical wear item. Keep several in stock and use one until it gives the first sign of trouble, then replace it and move on. Two is one and one is none, as they say. Pick your cliche. Even after retiring from the daily, I still go through two or three Logitech M100 mice a year. Checking stock … yep, still have two on the shelf … good until next year.

  2. I usually burn through a mouse every couple of years, due to the left mouse button dying.

    For a long time, my go-to mouse was the Logitech G300, but they went cheap on the button switches on those, so I’m currently using a Corsair for my main computer. If Logitech would just go back to the older, more-reliable switches, I’d switch back.

    I also have a few of the Logitech M720 mice, and I use them on my laptop and a couple of other machines, with two in reserve (found on sale cheap).

  3. Yes, keep several mouses on hand at all times.
    I use the Logitech M510 cordless and as long as I remember to turn it off each night the batteries (2 AA) last 6 months or more.

    The double click phenom you mentioned is known as “Mouse Bounce” and there is a cure for it. A small program named mousefix.exe. I haven’t experienced mouse bounce on a win10 machine yet but I have on my Win XP machine. I use the XP because it has my 19 year old version of autocad that I use for business. Seems like every coupla years I have to uninstall then reinstall mousefix.exe.

    You can read more about mousefix.exe and download the program here:

  4. What’s that classic line? “I hate you meeces to pieces!”. I still have an old (like Win 98 old) wired mouse for just such an occasion. It even has the adapter plug for pin to USB. Also have a NETGEAR wireless adapter and our old Linksys router for backup as well.

    Just yesterday I started getting the message from YooToob that my add blocker violates their terms, and I can no longer watch videos unless I allow adds. Am mulling it over.

    1. I got that too a couple weeks ago and I ignored it. Still watching ad free.
      If they force it I’ll kick em to the curb.
      Why in the world would anyone want to watch ads? That’s what linear TV is for.

      If we watch Youtube vids on our big Roku TV ads will play and it’s unbearable.
      I did some research and spent a few bux and now I connect my Win10 notebook to the TV with an HDMI cable and I bought a little USB dongle with a remote control. Now we watch Youtubes thru the notebook with no ads.

      It costs $15.99 for the remote and dongle, here:

      1. Reporting back on my above link. I chose to install Brave Browser and then custom filter as described. Works. For now, I still open YooToob in Firefox to wander down the rabbit hole as it obviously pre-selects based on my history. I choose a video to watch, get blocked, copy and past the address into Brave and watch.

  5. I have a completely different problem with Logitech. When writing a long paragraph or two and I want to replace text during proofreading, I’ll highlight to replace, then click delete. The flashing cursor is in the correct spot, but I move the mouse without clicking, and begin to type. I find it starts entering text nowhere near where I clicked. Where ever the indicator stops is where the typing begins. Can’t understand why.

    1. Yup, mine was doing that too. Incidentally, I discovered a while back that this was being caused by my inadvertently brushing over the laptop’s touchpad (which caused the pointer to shift). I remedied that by sticking a piece of stiff card over the touchpad because HP laptop’s touchpads can’t be permanently disabled.

      Coming soon to a screen near you: a “Let’s Buy Kim A New Laptop” appeal.

      1. I’m using a wireless mouse and keyboard sitting in my recliner. The Logitech keyboard does have one of those pads, maybe I’ll find one without it.

        Also, I find moving the pointer completely off the worksheet works as well.

  6. As others have said, keep extra meese on hand.

    Having spent 37 years as a professional programmer, plus time spent in school, my priority for my computers has always been reliability, because when the phone rings at 2 AM with a production problem my computer has to work. For these reason I never used a wireless mouse, I stuck with USB.

    Mark D

  7. I use a Microsoft Trackball Explorer 1.0. Y’know, the ones they stopped making circa 2005? I have 3 copies since in addition to my original, I snagged one on an auction site well below the going rate on eBay, and another at a yard sale for $3. One lives on my desk at home, one at the office, and the third was commandeered by SWMBO, since once she figured the thing out, she won’t go back to regular mice either. My original is older than my interns.

    Only since reading of your woes this morning was I alerted to the appearance of a (near) ergonomically identical offering from Sanwa on Amazon. Which makes sense since it’s now 20 years since the TBE 1.0 was a thing, and the patent protection for that form factor has likely expired. Since MS decided not to continue offering it, which also means they likely didn’t bother spending any money on lawyers extending patent protections, etc. Bonus about the Sanwa replacement? They offer it in both a wired and wireless version, so I can keep my hard-wired control like Mark D talks about above.

  8. It may just need opening up for a thorough clean, but mice buttons are not particularly difficult to repair: (your eyesight may preclude this).

    If the image you posted is anything to go by, you use a trackball rather than a mouse; I use the Kensington Expert Mouse trackball and their Orbit Elite trackball.

  9. Oh good lord…Support call over a mouse?

    Get a couple Amazon basics mice. What are they? $2.35?

    If it’s an LED mouse and the led has no dust on it? chuck it. You ain’t fixing it.

  10. Microcenter probably has the best selection of computer mice in stock, and lots of Logitechs if you need it right away. I just picked up a new wireless one for our laptop there the other day.

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