News Roundup

And in Media Events we’ve been expecting for a long time:

...nepotism at its finest.  Also:

...and good for them.  Lest we forget, Brand is being accused, but hasn’t been found guilty of any crime, let alone this bullshit. long as it makes landfall at Washington D.C., I’m cool with it.

And in Global Cooling Climate Warming Change© News:

...or maybe that asteroid could hit Northern California instead?  All these choices...

Still on the falling Biden Economy:

...just take a number, assholes.

In Parish News: much for his plan to become the next Pope.  Although...

From the Department of Litigation:

...sounds about right Of course, maybe he could have seen the non-bridge before driving off it — which will be the Google defense.

In link-free INSIGNIFICA: comment.

...go on, you know you want to.

Plunging economy, plunging neckline… whatever.


  1. “NASA: Large asteroid could smash into earth in 159 years”

    Typical clickbait headline. If you read the article, you’ll learn that this has “a minuscule chance” of happening. (The New York Post also misspelled the word “minuscule.”)

  2. where do we buy the sweaters in the first advertisement?

    For a while during Wuhan flu I was hoping we would get a suitable treatment to cure the disease created by the ChiComs. Then I saw how people reacted with the useless arrows on the floor, lexan or plastic barriers at the check out area, useless masks etc. Now I am on the side of things like the Kung Flu and the asteroids etc.


  3. And for the best news in years:

    Sen Diane Feinstein has “Officially” assumed room temperature.

    Ding-Dong! The Bitch is Dead!

  4. Were an asteroid to strike DC, I would only regret the loss of the museums. Were it to strike in the Bay Area of CA, I would only be concerned if it put my son in his Oakland family in danger.

    And yes, Charlie Foxtrot, best news in years. Gimp leg and all, I’m doing The Happy Dance.

    Have FDR in Hell notify the weekend duty section they have one for “Special Processing” inbound.

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