1. Nahh, I want to see Pelosi cack it next, just for the spite in it.

    “From Hell’s heart I spit at thee…”

    1. She died in bed. A grievous sin Traitors are supposed to die under a tree standing on air.

  2. My first thought on hearing the news of her passing was “Who could tell?” I mean, REALLY, wasn’t she the prime example of “walking dead”?

    Now, my thoughts are “So what?” Nothing will change except the name on her desk. Useless Newsome will appoint yet another screaming Liberal to replace her. Just who that will be depends entirely on who greases his palms and fills his pockets the most. Nothing changes.

    1. Yeah – a left-handed, one legged Sunni Haitian pseudo-pregnant transvestite member of Antifa who founded the Haitian Reparation Society before crossing illegally into the USA, favors tats, tacklebox facial ornaments, wears combat boots with dresses and hoodies stolen from airport baggage, with a hyena for an Emotional Support animal. Speaks no English and doesn’t own a suit and tie.

      1. the specimen you described sounds more fitting for a zoo cage or prison cell than any place of responsibility


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