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I see that some double-murderer / illegal immigrant / prison escapee has now managed to break into a house and steal a gun.

Convicted 34-year-old killer Danelo Cavalcante escaped the Chester County, Pa., Prison on August 31 by crab-walking up a wall. In the last 13 days, the fugitive (who is also an illegal immigrant from Brazil) has been spotted by surveillance tapes and eyewitnesses; the most recent witness confronted the convict in his South Coventry Township home, stealing a .22 caliber rifle. The homeowner fired a pistol at Cavalcante, but there is no evidence of bodily injury.

Of course, warnings have been issued, schools closed etc. etc.

Conspicuously absent from all this is something I would certainly support:  a recommendation to shoot the bastard dead on sight.  Never mind all that calling the cops, seeking refuge and running away nonsense;  if you see him, kill him.

And a sizeable cash reward for doing so would certainly not be out of order, either.

For the benefit of all my Readers living in the affected and adjacent areas:

…or in Kim Terms:

And I don’t want to hear any bullshit about “vigilante justice”, “right to a fair trial”, “taking the law into your own hands” or anything of a similar nature.

If ever somebody needed killing, it’s this asshole.  Vermin, plain and simple, and should be dealt with as such.

Update:  Okay, he’s been recaptured.  Never mind.  They used dogs on him:


  1. This low life has already had his “fair trial”, that’s why he was in prison in the first place. What is “fair” about bringing him in alive and putting him back where he belongs? He took the chance to run off. He’s committing all manner of crime while he’s on the loose. And the collection of Keystone Cops assembled to try and find him doesn’t seem able to find car keys in their pants pockets.

    How many qualified hunters are there in the area with weapons good enough to get the job done and skills enough to track game through the backwoods and bring home a trophy? Time for the government to get out of the way and let the skilled professional hunters do what they do best.

  2. Relatives in the area say this is theater, does not look like the same guy caught on a Ring doorbell cam 2 days ago – clean-shaven and short-haired. Unless he grows hair really fast, gained a more athletic build, and got taller this ain’t him. Plus the military guys are purported to be Border Patrol, taking selfies and having the media taking group shots. Then Shapiro comes out and takes credit in a gross political “never let a crisis go to waste” self-congratulatory move…as the DemonRats wont to do. Local Fox News affiliate says the 2 weeks was due to “a lack of resources”. Bravo Sierra.

    Yesterday locals got tired of being told to “shelter in place” and were out in droves…with firearms…on UTV’s, drones, vehicles…pressing this guy (assuming that’s actually him)…then…lookee here!…’authorities” catch him first thing this morning…first on a Phoenixville bridge, then revamped that to an Equipment Dealer’s yard shed…later patting themselves on the back for a “job well done”.

    I smell another – distraction from The Biden Crime Syndicate – rat.

    1. Correction…seems it is the same criminal, bad info being pushed. Seems the Ring photo was after he shaved (at the sisters?) and the hair was under his hoodie, which looks similar during his wall crab walk exit (a far cry from his induction mug shot). This escape was the second escape in 3 months from that prison.

      I still smell a distraction rat.

      1. I trust NOTHING the gov’t-media complex puts out.

        I don’t know if the “perp” is guilty of anything or not. Supposedly he was hot (illegal immigrant) so after he was convicted of a crime why wasn’t he “helicoptered” back over the border? Why should the US taxpayers foot the bill for his upkeep?

        Lastly, I saw this morning where the bloated lawdogs (about 40 of them) were assembling around the cuffed perp taking trophy pix of their capture. Keep in mind the perp is 5’6″ and 140lbs and a battalion of greasy gov’t hogs with millions of dollars in military hardware were unable to capture him and in the end a resource that has been used for hundreds of years (dogs) is what actually captured him. Everything about this incident is disgusting and repulsive.

        Yes, there were at least a thousand capable MEN in the area, any one of which could have taken care of this problem for free.

        1. Helicopter a thug back across the border, and unless you “release” him Pinochet style, he’ll be committing crimes in the USA again in about 3 months. To keep them out of circulation, we have to keep the criminals in prison, no matter what their citizenship.

  3. The only person that I am aware of escaping from a pine box or a tomb is Jesus and that was two thousand years ago.

    Should have turned this turd into swiss cheese.


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