1. Even Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Vladimir Lenin, would call this one a useless idiot.

      1. That is true. Head wounds bleed easily, and the blood is oxygenated so it should initially be bright red, darkening as it drys. This “blood” looks awfully thin.

        1. I suppose she wouldn’t dare have Ketchup or Catsup in the house, such a plebeian condiment, so she had to make do with Ocean Spray.

  2. Good. Another self-righteous, virtue signaling leftist gets the consequences of her actions, good and hard.

    Like most liberals, she wants the illegal votes, she wants the destruction of our republican system of government and the replacement of it with a welfare socialist state, but she fully expected others would pay and be the victims, because, well you know, she meant well.

    She and her ilk shat the bed; let them sleep in it, and when they roll over, I hope they enjoy the smell of their actions.

    I hope she personally has scars and nightmares for years to come, because harsh consequences seem to be the only things that jerk leftists like her back to the reality of human nature.

  3. Has she learned anything? I doubt it.

    More likely she will soon be calling for more spending and more social programs, with More Enlightened people in charge. Because it’s never the Policies that are wrong, they just have not been implemented correctly or with enough spending.

    1. Actually, she’s called for increased police patrols in her area. The reaction from the police has been an apology, but at current staffing levels they are unable to accede to her request.

  4. As been discussed elsewhere, the blood looks fake. She still has a gold chain around her neck, cause apparently the four youts have no qualms about pistol whipping her, but stealing jewelry is beyond the pale. Her kids are traumatized, she has deep lacerations on her head, her leg is broken, but by all that is holy, she’s going take a moment and snap a fucking selfie?

    I’d like to hear some corroborating evidence before I trust a word she says. This smells like Juicy Smollet all over. All that’s missing is the MAGA country comment.

  5. As usual, the fault is with the “illegal guns”. No description of the perps aside from their sex. Makes one wonder, no? (not really)

  6. Pardon my language, but this must be said: SHUT THE F*CK UP! You whiney b*tch, YOU brought this on yourself, with your Liberal defund bullsh*t. The only victims here are your kids, who have to deal with the aftermath of mommy being a moronic

  7. Political stunt = FAKE
    Blood is thick- blood does not look like a thin stain, it looks like paint.
    This is a fake.
    Nicely coiffed, unblemished skin, the blood might pass for real on a STAGE- which is precisely what this is- a stage.
    Maybe I am wrong, but I have seen enough of the stuff leaking out of me to have a pretty good idea what it looks like.

  8. One of the charms of leftist thinking is that intentions are all that matters and that the logical consequences of your decisions are never ever connected to the decisions themselves. The problem is that for this silly woman, she will never make the connection that her demands to defund the police two years ago likely contributed to the pistol whipping she received recently. Their ideology simply doesn’t allow for that connection to be made. Her intentions with her calls for defunding the police were good therefore no bad can ever truly come from it. Even the MPD’s response that current staffing levels do not permit them to add extra patrols in her neighborhood don’t engender a sense of irony in her that any thinking person would be unable to miss.

    Even this woman’s calls for the elimination of illegal guns (which in her mind probably all guns are illegal) betray her foolishness. Does she really think that had these youths not had guns that they wouldn’t have inflicted the same beating using baseball bats or a tire iron? Would her neighbors been more likely to help her?

    Imagine going through life never being wrong. No decision you make is ever wrong. Yeah, bad things happen, to you and to society, but no matter how directly they are connected with your decisions, your choices in those matters are never wrong. This is why so many people are drawn to leftism. They are simply too weak to live their lives as though they bear even a modicum of responsibility for their decisions.

  9. I think she has realized that defunding the police has become likely to lose her reelection. So she mostly-faked this incident to explain reversing this _one_ position. I say “mostly-faked” because apparently she really broke her leg, and that would be going pretty far to fake a car-jacking. Either she broke her leg accidentally, then invented the rest, or a fake beating got very much out of control – the head injury and blood is fake, but maybe she had someone really swing at her leg, and they hit much too hard. Or she fell down intentionally, but caught her leg in something and snapped it.

    If she’d really been mugged, she should be rethinking many of her positions, including that “illegal guns” BS. You know the saying…

  10. I would think if she were pistol whipped beyond one stroke to the head, we’d be seeing lots of bruising and swelling in her face, maybe bloodshot eyes and coagulated blood in her hair.
    You all above are correct in that this smells like a dig-myself-out-of-the hole-I- dug election year stunt.
    I hope she gets smacked harder by the law than that POS Smollett was for his bullshit, racist false claim.

  11. Story sounds suspicious. Unarmed neighbors aren’t going to confront culturally diverse youths, let alone armed youths. But if it did happen, it’s hilarious.

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