Uneven Surfaces

I see that the Climate Loonies have been playing their little games again, this time in Germany:

Climate activists blocked flights at two German airports for several hours Thursday in protest against the most polluting form of transportation, and to demand tougher government action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The group Last Generation said several of its members entered the grounds of Hamburg Airport around 6 a.m. (0400 GMT) and glued themselves to the runway on the first day of the school vacation in the north German city.

Dozens of flights were canceled and 10 arrivals had to be diverted to other airports, Germany’s dpa news agency reported.

Well, you can’t have airliners taking off over these human speedbumps, of course, so I propose some remedial action, toot sweet:

Or, if that tears up the surface of the runways too much, there’s always this option:

That’s called “crowd control with a schmear”.

Even better, we could use those as practice runs for bigger protests.

Just Stop Oil are planning their most annoying action yet as the eco-zealots said they will ‘paralyze London’ with slow-marching columns 10 times bigger than anyting they have previously done.

The climate activists are set to travel to London from all over the UK to disrupt the capital during rush-hour on Monday.

I’m thinking that crushed bone would make an excellent pothole filler.


  1. If they’re glued, they’re screwed – can’t run away.
    Takes a special kind of idiot to put themselves in that position.
    Since they can’t run, just put the hobnails to em until you get tired of kicking.
    Then use a big shit scraper to peel em up off the tarmac.

  2. Oh, can we just STOP??? I’d be willing to offer a poor man’s wager that there isn’t a government wonk on any side of the political divide in any country on this here planet that doesn’t secretly harbor the dream of sending well equipped military troops to scenes such as those and have them just start shooting. It wouldn’t have to be a massacre. Have a lottery for the troops to each take one shot in turn. Put about a five-minute delay between shots. Watch how fast those Glue Bunnies “self-extract” and run for the tall grass.

    Okay. It’s a pretty warped idea, but it’s Monday. What did you expect? But be honest. if you think about it, you kind of like the idea, too.

    1. Warped idea? How about this: “Soylent Green”, Now THAT’S warped.
      Stay safe

  3. London should be the first city to announce:

    “The scoops are on their way.”

    Satisfies the greenie desires to reduce the population and provides the biomass to Bill Gates and the monsters of the WEF for their bug feeding.

    Bugs -> to people -> to bugs. Renewable food.

  4. Who is paying the leaders of this group?
    Yes, there are the zealots and the idiot sheep who are just followers, but this is being backed by big money – who are they?

  5. “The climate activists are set to travel to London from all over the UK to disrupt the capital during rush-hour on Monday.”

    In oil’n gas powered and lubed transport, right?

    If the UK conservatives were actually conservative or courageous they’d pass a law requiring these people to give up everything they had or used that came from “Oil”. That would be a death sentence for them, but who cares, they’re trying to kill us.

  6. Based on the markings shown in the Photos that looks like a Taxiway and not a Runway. So have one of the Airlines bring over an Airbus. If the sheer size of it’s landing grear does’t spook them, and they avoid being “injested”, The pilots just need to runup the main’s and let the Jet Blast do it’s job of cleaning the runway.

    1. a)
      And if there is a jet blast deflector behind the ‘community activists raising awareness’, raise that JBD.
      The noise plus the heat should reduce recidivism.
      My fall-back is a hand-crank winch of the type mounted on the ‘bow’ end of trailers for smaller boats.
      If I get — ‘reluctantly’ — pressed into serving as an executioner, a hand-crank winch is my go-to for a hanging.
      I think a rope looped around the neck of a ‘community activist raising awareness’, then — ‘reluctantly’ — tautened using my Hand-Crank Winch System© could reduce recidivism.
      I don’t know, but I think it is worth a shot.
      (as described in these hallowed pages:
      Standing square and ‘putting my shoulder’ into one of the Hand-Crank Winches I have handy for such occasions, I give it a couple spins, then need a coffee break.
      Refreshed, I am good for a couple-three more spins.
      Surveying the picnic-tables, I realize I need to sample the cole-slaw and potato salad brought by the ladies.
      With me on the job, a hanging [or ‘community activist raising awareness’ removal] could take all day…)

  7. “…climate activists are set to travel to London from all over the UK…”
    I don’t suppose they’ll be true to their cause and walk to London from all over the UK?
    Nooo. They will use carbon powered transportation.
    The Eco-Nazis hypocrisy is what galls me the most. They haven’t a clue how anything works that keeps them alive and annoying us.

  8. If they glued themselves to the taxiway – LEAVE THEM THERE.
    Let mother natures, lack of sufficient water, food, sleep etc, work
    on them right up to the brink. leave a few axes and a couple of hacksaws
    laying around so the ‘true believers’ can free them selves and maybe others.
    If you can find the money source, bankrupt it, regardless of size or
    pedigree. Donate the money/assets – ALL OF IT- to the oil industry !!!
    It’s a start, and yes, I fed up with ignorant assholes who have nothing better
    to do than screw up everyone else’s lives !

  9. There was a time in Germany when that kinda of behavior would have likely produced a bulldozer and several sharply dressed fellows with MP-40s. A little runway scraping, a little up against the nearest wall and business would have resumed.

    Its times like these that reinforce Patton’s opinion at the end of WWII.

  10. Ah, the glued to the road crowd. I so want to loop a tow line around them and slowly pull them off the road.

  11. I’m sure there are laws against blocking public roadways like this. In the United States, why aren’t these thugs prosecuted under the RICO statutes?

    As far as the thugs go, hand cuff them and drag them face down by the ankles to the awaiting trucks and load them like cord wood into the back of the trucks. Then just dump them out into a tangle of writhing arms, legs and torsos. Book them all, arrest them all for public nuscience blocking emergency vehicles etc. Identify the ring leaders and capos of the mob and prosecute them for conspiracy and whatever other charges the prosecutors and police can think of pressing.


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