3 Honest Questions

Okay, here are three things in the current Zeitgeist  that I need answers to.

  • Am I the only one who gets the creeps every time I see this little fegeleh‘s pic?
  • If the Stupidest Person In Congress (that would be Sheila Jackson-Lee of Texas) has admitted that she wouldn’t be where she is without affirmative action, does that not condemn the whole policy right there?
  • Am I the only one who can’t watch a video of Biden mumbling, stumbling, stammering his way through a public appearance and making an absolute fool of himself?  I mean, I actually cringe at the spectacle and have to turn it off.

Feel free to voice your thoughts in Comments.


    1. Watching Biden speak is painful. And embarrassing. How did we manage to get ourselves *here*?

    2. Now, don’t misgender it.

      It has been both surgically and chemically neutered. No matter what shape the surgeons carved into it’s genital area, the flesh is not responsive and can fulfill neither a man’s nor a woman’s role. It is no longer a “he” or “she”, but an “it”.

  1. Ms. Jackson-Lee is not an outlier by any means. She might anchor the bell curve on that end, but there is quite a gaggle of room temperature IQ’s down there with her to illustrate the affimative action point.

    It might be fun to make a list.

  2. Am I the only one that thinks that Dylan Mulvaney looks less feminine than Maxwell Q. Klinger?

  3. C’mon now.

    Ms. Jackson-Lee can’t be that dumb; she has a B.A. from Yale. And, at a very young age, she had the wisdom to pick a major, political science, that didn’t require a single calculus course.

    She also has finessed herself into a secure job with a base pay of $174,000 per year. (Yes, I know the job is technically insecure in that she has to face an election every two years but, being a member of the dominant tribe in the district, she’s untouchable. I also realize that the base pay is just that; additions are possible via parallel paths of leadership and graft).

    How many of your readers have parlayed so little into so much?

    She may be the most evil member of the House, but our underestimating her abilities makes our thwarting her evil more difficult. She KNOWS the game.

  4. Watching Biden speak is painful. And embarrassing. How did we manage to get ourselves *here*?

  5. To me, all of these trans-females look like something running along the bottom of the uncanny valley. “Creepy” is accurate but barely adequate.

  6. All three would greatly improve society if they were feeding worms with their corpses.

    I can’t watch Pedo Joe at all. That mulvaney freak needs to go get psychological treatment and Jackson Lee needs to be adorned with hot tar and feathers like many in her racist Democrat death cult.


  7. Re: the chick with a dick – one of the closing scenes in Orwell’s 1984 depicts the protagonist Winston Smith, who has finally been betrayed & is now being tortured by the Ministry of Truth. Their objective is to force him to proclaim as truth something he knows to be a lie. It compels the reader (at least it did me when I read it as a teenager) to ask why – why not just kill him & be done with it? Why spend the time, effort & angst on the charade? Because the charade is the point. The measure of absolute power isn’t life & death. It’s dictating what people think.

    It’s absolutely why this little fuckboy was invited to a sit down with President Dementia. It’s why the teachers’ unions & school boards are hell bent peddling the gender fluid bullshit to kids, while keeping parents in the dark. They don’t give a good goddamned about the absolutely CATOSTROPHIC rates of suicidality among trans youth. They’re happy – if not eager – to launch as many kids as possible off that cliff, in return for mainstreaming their delusion & depravity.

    We’ve left the arena of politics & ideology and entered the realm of good vs. evil.

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