Remembering Jane

I see that 60s icon Jane Birkin has died.  Of course, to many she’s best remembered as the other half of the duet with Serge Gainsbourg on Je T’Aime, Moi Non Plus  (which could never be released today, and is only SFW if you work at Playboy or Penthouse).  Here’s the duo:

…and here she is, solo:

Classic Sixties, she was.



  1. I’ve had a crush on Ms. Birkin since forever. It’s not clear what the attraction is, a je ne sais quoi, for sure, but powerful. How can such a thing be transmitted in film and pictures? The older I get, the less I understand such mysteries. Jane’s daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg, has it, too … even though she favors her toad of a papa more than she does Jane. On the screen, or in print, you can’t not watch them.

  2. I am tickled shitless to say I have never heard of her. That’s so unusual these days to find some “important cultural icon” from the 60s who was able to get public attention by running around nekkid and me never had the pleasure.

    Dang, I hope there are more. 😉

  3. As an “ex fan of the sixties” myself ( I am only a few month’s older than she was ) I always ad a little crush for Jane myself, d’ont ask me why, she was skinny and almost flat chested but she ad that little “Something” that makes one raise an eye ( among other things )

  4. I believe (reportedly) she called her nipples “Pinky” and “Perky”.

    That tickles my fancy.

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