News Roundup

Speaking of things which leave a bad taste in yer mouth:

...seeing as fuck-all happened to him after the first two, I’ll take “Same again” for $400, Alex.

Speaking of non-binaries, lesbians and the like:

...doesn’t get much worse than being thrashed by a bunch of old Welshmen, does it?

...just wait till some smart guy makes AI work in a RealDoll:  it’ll be all over for Teh Grrrrlz.  And speaking of isolation dreams:

...wait, I thought that during Covidiocy, people couldn’t… oh, never mind.

And more from the Dept. of Public Fearmongering:

...wait:  tuberculosis?  [yawwwwwwwwwwwwwn]  Also keyword:  South Africa.

And from the Dept. Of Education Child Abuse:

hey, it’s the King James Bible, a veritable orgy fountain of violence, vulgarity and impure thought.

...well, it isn’t.  Not among ordinary Texans, anyway Among perv teachers and anarchists, however...

From the Act Your Fucking Age Department: much for his expensive elder-care insurance policy.

...I’m sure some gold-digging whore special someone will overlook his creepy Scientology beliefs and three failed marriages, and will declare the billionaire dwarf to be the Man Of Her Dreams.

And in the Lawn Order Files:

...”But Kim, he’s just a little old man!”  Use a little old rope.

...and here I thought it was just their secret hot dog salt.  Now I have to find another takeout place.

...”Where can I send this list of Jeffrey Epstein’s clients?”

And speaking of outtakes, here’s yet more (link-free) INSIGNIFICA:

Finally, after a lengthy absence, our Paige Three Report returns:

...and is there a better combination?

And that’s it for the nooooz.


  1. While your news summary is most appreciated, I’m surprised that the story of the week is missing. That being the whistleblower report of 90 year coverup of US govt program to recover and back engineer Flying Saucers (my favorite term for these). As Brandon would say…come on man !

  2. Thankee again Kim for the humanitarian work of NOT posting links to a nude Ricki Lake, or an anything Madonna.

    Paige makes me want to take up golf. Maybe you can convince her to start shooting, so we can run into her at the range sometime.

    1. That’s an excellent idea for Paige.

      Brinton or Binton belongs in jail. Once might be an accident, twice is on purpose. three times is a habit. I’m surprised that his antics didn’t get him a promotion in the Pedo Joe administration.

      I second Preussenotto’s gratitude for not posting links to Madonna and Ricki Lake.


  3. For a moment I thought that caption said, “Paige Spiranacs’ Gorgeous Hooters Hang Out”

  4. The FBI does a background check on cabinet and other appointees. So how did a kleptomaniac get through the check? A few theories:

    1) The incompetent wokesters running “Biden’s” office never submitted his name for the check.

    2) The FBI found out about him, reported it, and the _insane_ wokesters running “Biden’s” office didn’t see a problem with theft.

    3) The FBI found his problem and didn’t report it because rejecting a “non-binary” freak show would be a nightmare these days.

    4) The FBI only pretended to do a check because they knew they couldn’t use anything they found.

    5) The lowly FBI clerk actually doing the check buried what he found as an act of sabotage against the woke chain of command.

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