Protecting Kids

Well now, this is interesting:

Law enforcement officials with the Fort Worth Police Department shut down Antifa agitators over the weekend who counter-protested a small group of demonstrators from “Protect Texas Kids” who were protesting a drag show event.

One would think:  why?  Surely, if someone protests, and another counter-protests, then both are protected?

Well yes, except that this was Pantifa, and their “counter-protest” was anything but peaceful:

During the event, “officers observed a member of the counter-protest group, later identified as 20-year-old Samuel Fowlkes, approach the ‘Protect Texas Kids’ protesters and spray them with pepper spray.” 

And, even better, there’s video of all of it.  Note the paramilitary outfits of the Pantifas, complete with guns.

The FWPD are to be commended for not shooting these little fascist assholes dead.


  1. The FWPD are to be commended for not shooting these little fascist assholes dead.

    It’s true we don’t want to give the commie scum martyrs, but a part of me really wishes that every whiney soy-thing had been mowed down like the greenery in _Predator_.

    It probably won’t be long before that becomes necessary.

    1. Jabrwok,
      Give these thugs a permanent limp so they have a reminder of their misbehavior and they become an example to others. As others see the ex thug kyle hobble down the street, others can ask each other why is kyle hobbling and then word will spread. kyle hobbles because he was a thug. And the observers would learn to not become thugs. If you send him off to his celestial reward, he’ll be forgotten by his fellow thugs in a few months or years if not sooner.


      1. A .22lr HP through the knee-cap should leave them with a permanent reminder of a past mistake.

  2. are the umbrellas to thwart cameras to identify these thugs?

    Too bad someone with a CCW wasn’t available to correct the actions of these thugs.


  3. “The FWPD are to be commended….”. Agreed.

    Look at the video at the 1:22 mark. Anybody care put a dollar value on all the tac gear/weapons in that frame? Jobless losers. Who’s funding and training them? I’m sure TPTB already know this. Follow. The. Money.

    Historical note: There was a time in Texas when the words “trespass” and “suicide” were synonymous. Hmm…

  4. You can be arrested and booked into the local jail, or you can resist and be confined to the jail-ward of the local hospital until your injuries have been treated/healed to the point you can be safely transferred to the local jail; but, either way, you’re going to jail.
    Consider yourself lucky that your interim stop is not the coroner’s office.

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