Time For An Update

This is one of my favorite Reader games, and I can’t believe I haven’t run this in so long.

Here’s the setup.  It’s called HANG THE SOCIALIST, and starts with the well-known Hanging Tree:

Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to put a name to each number.  Your list ought to be in order of preference.  (I know, only 15?  Deal.)

Have at it in Comments.


  1. 1) George Soros. No explanation needed.
    2) Bernie Sanders. Ditto.
    3) AOC, because why should the old white males have all the fun?
    4) Vlad Putin. Just because.
    5) Voldomyr Zelensky, because after his initial Churchillian phase (“I need ammunition, not a ride!”), he’s turned into just another grifter.
    6) HRC. We all know why.
    7) Kathleen Kennedy. I can’t stand what she’s done to Star Wars. (Yeah, I like Star Wars. As you say, Deal.)
    8) Keith Ellison.
    9) Steven Van Zandt. A recent addition, but justice should be swift.
    10) Buttstink Odumbo. You know who.
    11) Klaus Schwab
    12) Justin Trudeau
    13) Gretchen Whitmer
    14) Ilhan “Li’l BroFo” Omar
    15) Andrew “OtherFredo GrannyKiller” Cuomo

    1. I can’t argue with most of your choices, but need to make some room for two potential future sources of national disgrace.
      Gavin Newsom and Jay Inslee, both are chancres on the left butt cheek of America.

      The first to get removed from your list would be, Kathleen Kennedy, because I don’t watch that crap anyway.
      The second might be controversial, but I think Putin should stay with us. Russia has moved toward the capitalist camp, while the good ole USA has gone full retard socialist.

  2. I think there are far more international bankers who should probably be on that list. I’m surprised that Nancy the drunk Pelosi, Midget Bloomturd, shannon watts didn’t make the cut before AOC and Van Zandt.

    All hypothetical and I would never promote the political or social violence that Democrats have been calling for over the past several decades

    1) Soros
    2) Zelensky and Putin can share a rope that we drape over the limb. put each of them on the end of the rope and let them dangle. Don’t make the noose too tight because I want to see these two slap, punch, bite and kick each other until the inevitable happens. Tell them that the survivor gets untied. Then string up the survivor with their own fresh rope.
    3) Xi Jingping or whoever is running the show in communist China
    4) Clinton, the female one I suppose since she got people killed in Libya and lied about it. She’s also covered Bill Lover Boy Clinton’s crimes for decades.
    5) Jane Fonda, Maureen Dowd or Doris Goodwin. Goodwin used to be on local TV a lot and is annoying as hell. She’s also a Kennedy clan sychophant.
    6) Dig up Ted Swim Champ Kennedy’s bloated corpse, check to see if he is in fact dead dead and string him up. Does he require two ropes?
    7) Ibrahim Kendi or whatever that latest generation race baiter’s name is. He spreads his hate speech on Boston University’s dime now.
    8) Chris Murphy (Dunce-CT)
    9) midget Bloomberg -he’s financing much of the latest crop of anti rights groups such as Shannon Watts.
    10) Liar Watha aka Liz Warren. she’ll bring an often overlooked minority group to the tree. Oh wait, she’s not an Indian. Oh well, let her stay on the tree.
    11) some lower ranked Antifa, BLM leaders so that the rank and file get the message that they’re on the extended list
    12) Chuck the Schmuck Schumer. How did I get to 12 without his name coming up? Mea Culpa
    13) David Chipman or Lon Horiuchi. Chipman for hosting his barbecue in Waco and Horuichi for executing an unarmed mother
    14) Leave spot open for someone I can’t think of right now
    15) Maybe Jack Welch or some other business “leader” who ruined corporate culture for workers

    Fifteen was kind of tough. So many candidates and so few ropes available.


  3. I hate you for doing this. Its a work day for God’s sake:

    1. Schmucky Schumer
    2. Pelosi
    3. Gavin Newsom
    4. AOC
    5. Ilhan Omar
    6. Bernie Sanders
    7. Justine Trudeau
    8. Hochul
    9. Blagoyavich
    10. Cornel West
    11. Sheila Jackson Lee
    12. Maxine Waters
    13. Karl Kasrada (his historical stuff is pretty good, his “commentary” less so)
    14. David Hogg
    15. Ted Fucking Kennedy (Yes I know he’s dead, we should dig him up and hang him again like the Catholics did to Wycliffe)

    There are others like Feinstein but I think she’s destined for Gods hanging tree soon, and the damage she caused is already with us.

    I also tried to limit it to N. America. Lets root the vipers out of our own house before we save the world, but the though of Jeremy Corbyn shitting himself at the gallows is a pleasant one.

  4. Rereading the instructions, I find the order of preference quite difficult. How to get the most bang for your buck? The limit of 15 is much too restrictive.

      1. Short of the tree succumbing to overuse, rope is reusable and gravity is free..

        Hang ALL of em.

  5. Kim,
    15 ropes are not nearly enough while there are hundreds, nay even thousands of potential candidates waiting for a rendezvous with the the ropemaker’s daughter at Tyburn.
    Nevertheless I want to thank you for this splendid pipe dream.

  6. I have too much to do today to come up with the most important 15, even limited to just the US. And I’m not sure I could limit it to just socialists, either, if the aim was to improve the nation.

    But my list would include Wayne LaPierre, Mitt Romney, John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell, and Kevin McCarthy. Because I want allies I can trust to turn my back to.

    Soros, Feinstein, Gates, Fauci, and many of the other evils will soon met their maker anyway, so the rest of the list would be younger movers and shakers in the anti-American camp. And it’s interesting how few of them I can name, just their puppets.

  7. I don’t have 15 ready, but I would like to note some overlooked candidates:

    * Bill Ayers/Bernadette Dohrn
    * Rev. Al Sharpton
    * Andrew McCabe
    * John Brennan
    * James Clapper
    * James Comey
    * Robert Mueller
    * John F’ing Kerry
    * Merrick Garland
    * “Let’s block pipelines so my railroads make more money” Warren Buffett
    * Spongebrain Shitpants a.k.a. Uncle Badtouch a.k.a. Slow Joe

  8. Good lists, but I’d substitute Alvin Bragg for AOC. He’s not only the guy currently persecuting Trump for _not_ incorrectly reporting his payoff to Stormy Daniels as a campaign expense (What was the name of the Senator that was prosecuted a few years ago for reporting a similar payoff as a campaign expense?), he’s the guy that twice charged someone for self-defense, caught on video, then backed off when even the NYC media called foul.

    Hanging AOC would be a waste. Have her vocal cords surgically excised and sell her to a Turkish whorehouse.

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