1. OK … OK …. I should have known that when the guy at the NYC Camra store said it had a camo finish, he didn’t understand that putting Jungle Camo on my new 2,000 mm lens for use on the Savanna didn’t make any sense. Next time you can talk to him.

  2. Pull the trigger already! I’m hungry and that prairie rat isn’t going to die without lead poisoning.

  3. See here the wildlife photographer in its natural habitat, being closely monitored by the game warden.

  4. Going to her mother’s house my ass! That lying cheating bitch ain’t getting a dime!

  5. Riding the heels of a — thankfully — languishing trend, this vintage advert for ‘Chukka’ ‘boots’ starring ‘exotic’ film star ‘Lance Steele’ attempts to revitalize the fad… all to no avail!

  6. Goddamitall! Just look at all those fookin’ hyenas! Put down that fooking’ camera, pick up that AK, and end them all, ya dumb sonofabitch!!!

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