What About “Follow The Science”?

Apparently, there hasn’t been enough study of the WuFlu for the DOD to change its policy:

A top Biden defense official on Tuesday during a House hearing rejected a leading medical journal’s recent conclusion that immunity is as effective as vaccination.

“Right now, natural immunity is not something that we believe in for this,” Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Gilbert Cisneros said.

This, as opposed to back in 2021 when there were ZERO studies, but everyone just had to trust Big Pharma and ingest whatever snake oil they threw at us, or be fired / arrested / banned.

Here’s the “science” he’s ignoring:

Cisnero’s remarks ignore The Lancet’s analysis earlier this month on immunity. After an extensive review of 65 scientific studies, the journal concluded that immunity is “at least equivalent if not greater than that provided by two-dose mRNA vaccines.”

The journal furthermore suggested that future policies for workers “should take into account immunity conferred by vaccination and that provided by natural infection.”

Of course, given that most “reputable” medical opinion at the time was that “we’re all gonna diiieeeee unless you get jabbed!”, some would actually call for at least a little skepticism, but that’s true of all medical studies.

Remember when salt was the Big Killer?  And red meat?  Now, not so much — at least, until the next study is released.  In the meantime, watch your ass.

A plague on all their houses.


  1. ” Follow The Science” is only valid when “The Science is Settled”. If it doesn’t fit the narrative, it’s not yet Science and further study is needed. Pay attention JACK.

  2. it’s not about “follow the science.” It never was. That was the fleece wrapped around the wolf of totalitarianism that the left pushes at every chance they get. This was nothing more than another peer pressure situation just on a large and more widespread scale.

    Science once said that bleeding people would help remove bad humors from the body and aid in recovering health. That went on for centuries before it was determined to be very harmful. that’s how George Washington died two hundred years ago.


  3. throw in big money with accountants, MBAs, shareholders, investment bankers, medical school loan companies, etc and any altruism of the medical industry quickly goes out the window.


  4. /A plague on all their houses./

    There’s reason to suspect that’s actually the goal. A thread common to all the zanies’ talk is that there are too many people.

  5. Never forget the Tuskeegee Syphilus experiment and the Milgram experiment. Put those two together and apply to a human manipulated virus in a lab and voila you have ChiCom Flu.


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