News Roundup

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So let’s bleed the News Lizard:

the worst part is that it’s only “most” and not “every single last”.

...errrr climate changeLizzo dance routine during concert?  I’m trying my best here.

...that’s because she IS a scapegoat, and she’s keeping shtum so the Clintons won’t murder her. there ever a WRONG time for rum?

...nice building;  shame about the food. I the only one who thinks managers should lock the office doors and let the fuckers freeze?

...there are a bunch of Democrats taking notes right now.

...French chefs have collective orgasm.  Also:  Australia, where the toads eat bugs.  VW Bugs. Hitler’s ghost sez:  “Huh?”

...keyword:  Massachusetts.  In any Southern state, he’d be in the “dangling” line.

...what if, like most non-Californians, you only have one?

And in multicolored, unlinked INSIGNIFICA: news, however, on whether a familial foursome was involved.

Finally, some weird interesting news:

I know, I know:  she’s several pasta meals short of perfection.  But then again, look who she’s married to — the World’s Skinniest Ex-Footballer, Peter Crouch:

So much for the news, then.


  1. Geez, even I find this one too skinny. She does have TSLIL, however. (That slutty look I love.)
    Click through that link to see the gum-smile, toothy bastard she’s married to. Made for each other.

  2. The managers at the site that I work (from home) for are welcome to lock the doors if they wish. In fact, they have done so on multiple occasions during the time I’ve been working for them, because the site was closed due to ice and snow on the roads. It didn’t affect me at all; I just kept on working. I won’t be rushing to “the office” to stay warm, because that site is in another state, and a much colder one than where I live and work.

  3. what are the odds that the “most Americans” in that survey on school curricula is actually far higher than the propagandists want to admit?

    Abbey Clancy needs to get freaky at the dinner table with some pasta and cheeseburgers for a little while. Soccer player husband can go wiggle around on the ground with his hang nail.


  4. “ …is there ever a WRONG time for rum?”

    Before coffee.

    And about McDonalds; not my favorite slop by any measure, but I remember several (thankfully dead) chains that were worse. Burger Chef springs to mind; shredded gristle and (I think) cardboard slathered with inferior ketchup. My mother used to be VERY amused by the 1970’s rangers against ‘junk food’; she’d grown up in the 20’s and ‘30s and remembered snacking on ‘treats’ that made Mickey-D’s stuff look like a nutritionist’s dream. And, as Daniel Pinkwater has observed, the thing about modern ‘junk food’ is that measured against the quick food of eras past it is fairly sanitary and made mostly of things you can eat.

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