Gratuitous Gun Pic – Pioneer Arms AK-47

While idly wandering through the halls of gunny goodness, I happened upon this variant of the AK-47:

Okay, it’s as ugly as a pig’s ass in springtime — although “pretty” is not a word oft associated the the AK-47 — and that green laminate wood looks like it was on sale in the decking section at Home Depot.

But hold on just a minute.  Why would one use green laminate wood for a deck?  Why, to protect it from the elements (sun, rain etc.);  and if that works for decking, why not for a utilitarian rifle such as this one, to be used in all kinds of stinking weather when battling the Forces Of Darkness?  (If you know wot I mean nudge nudge wink wink…)

Of course, the price ($720) makes my nose twitch, but as so many people remind me, this isn’t 2004 anymore, when an AK could be picked up for a couple-few hundred bucks — and at least the gun  is priced well below the $1,000 mark, which really makes my nose twitch when it comes to the AK-47.

For a stocking stuffer, you could do a lot worse, but you may have to deal with a few sniggers at the range when you unbox it.


  1. Don’t particularly mind the colour, and the grain is nice.
    Way better looking than any plastic fantastic AR15, utilitarian classic.

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