Some of you may have read the above article and gone “Huh?” at my choice of chambering (9.3x62mm) for the Mauser.  A brief explanation follows.

As I’ve grown older, the thought of owning a whole bunch of different rifles (modern, not oldies) has palled somewhat, to the extent where I think I would prefer one astoundingly-good rifle in a do-it-all chambering.  So why choose the 9.3mm Mauser?

It’s more powerful than the .30-06 Springfield and has less recoil than the .375H&H Magnum.  Also, it’s old, having been developed back in 1905.  So it could take pretty much anything I’d need to kill, certainly in the U.S., and just about anything I cared to shoot in Africa, were I ever to find myself back there.  The premium hunting ammo (Federal Woodleigh 286gr) is horrendously expensive (over $4 per pull);  but of course Prvi Partizan, bless their little Balkan socks, make it for about $1.25 each so practice is not as expensive as one might think.

Here’s a quick comparison:

…and then with the mighty .375 H&H:

Here’s the thing:  the 9.3mm Mauser isn’t as powerful as the H&H.  But that reduction in power comes with about 25% less owie to the shoulder — and lest we forget, the 9.3 was used to hunt all sorts of African game (including elephant) in the decade or so before the H&H came to the party.

I like the idea of it.


  1. My absolute favorite rifle is a Mauser in 9.3x62mm. It is a vintage Husqvarna 246 that I’ve used in South Africa and here in the states. The professional hunters in RSA loved that rifle and said they wished more US hunters would bring a rifle like mine instead of the latest magnum gee gaw.

  2. Kim,
    I’d never doubt your choice in cartridge. You give deliberate thought and reflection to the subject. Those are traits that are often lacking in today’s society. In giving deliberate thought to the subject, you frequently bring to my attention cartridges that I had never heard of and are generally under rated.


  3. 9.3×62 is a fine all around rifle. I’ve had one for many years. It is accurate enough within reasonable ranges. Doesn’t wreck meat like the high velocity cartridges do. Recoil is stout but manageable. My specimen is a lowly CZ. It does the job well. I’ve yet to find a cast bullet that shoots accurately though, so I stick to the Speer jacketed soft points.

    I’ve complemented the 9.3 with a 6.5×55 that shoots a bit father and flatter. Also a Cz, but sadly in their American pattern stock. I would have much preferred the full stock version with iron sights.

  4. The market would disagree, but after reading this post, I wonder why? I can understand where .308 Win would be inadequate, but would think .300 Win Mag would be a fine alternative.

  5. There is the 9,3x 64 Brenneke also. A frind of mine used one in the Congo and was always happy with it.

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