News Roundup – Pre-Election Day Special

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Today’s news to help you get through tomorrow:

...ain’t gonna work, assholes.  Antifa riots, BLM riots, Supreme Court intimidation, defunding cops, horrible foreign policy, an uncontrolled “open” border, worshipping the Green agenda (leading to high gas prices, diesel shortages and ending with uncontrollable inflation), FBI/DHS/IRS thuggery, child abuse in public schools, harassing parents, Marxist propaganda — these and oh so many more all bear YOUR fingerprints:  and we know it.

...well, he would, wouldn’t he?  [/Mandy Rice-Davies]

...because, “Light-Bringer”, we know the fucking truth.

...and in latest news from Mt. St. Helens... mean “threat of widespread rioting by the Left when the elections go against them and they lose the House and Senate”.  No?  If not that, then there is no “heightened threat”.

...actually, that’s true of every issue, not just border security.

...don’t need any stupid poll to tell us that.

...yeeeeaaaarrrrgh, baby.  Dream on.

...and I know one family which has lost 70% of theirs since Biden was elected.


And in a special pre-election FAKE NEWS (ergo also no links) section:

...but if at first glance your heart skipped a beat out of joy, join the club.

...sounds a little desperate, doesn’t she?

...why else do you think he ran for office when he had absolutely no chance?

...just another day in Bidenville. man should.

Finally, some totty that should help you on Erection Day.  This is someone named Diana Vickers:

Right, that should give you all the advice and support you need for tomorrow.


  1. …. and to really lock in my vote, my Oil Delivery guy is currently in my driveway doubling the value of my house by filling the tank.

    I’m predicting 195 D 240 R in the house and 46D – 54R in the Senate. ( even corrected for cheating )

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