To:  Ex-POTUS Donald Trump
From:  All Conservative Voters

Re:  This Bullshit:



Action Required (by you):

Shut the fuck up.

Supporting argument #1:

Ron DeSantis has been more effective in addressing the illegal immigration crisis as Florida’s governor than you were as POTUS (yeah, we know, the asshole House Republicans etc. etc.).  Don’t care.  Sending illegal immigrants to the Blue “sanctuary cities” is pure genius (yeah, we know, Texas started it etc. etc.).

Supporting argument #2:

In a straight-up contest between DeSantis and any Democrat (e.g. Gavin Newsom), DeSantis wins by a mile.  You?  Not so much.  In a straight-up contest between DeSantis and you?  That’s the purpose of the primary;  let the voters decide.  Just remember:  the NeverTrump nonsense, while nonsense, is nevertheless a thing.  There’s no such thing as “NeverRon”, unless you start it.  And speaking of the primaries:

Supporting argument 3:

Heed the words of Ronald Reagan:  “Speak no ill of another Republican.”


Save your clever-dick bullshit for the Democrats;  leave DeSantis alone.


  1. Yup. As much as I enjoyed Trump bitch-slapping the commies and getting all the right people upset, now’s the time for him to either stick to the issues or STFU. Yet you know he won’t. DeSantis knows it too, so hopefully he’ll avoid all the BS being thrown at him.

  2. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Those are supposed to be 5 stars. If they don’t come though, take it in the spirit which it is given.

    I’m not a huge fan, these days, of the 11th commandment (as the “speak no ill…” was called), because Liz Cheney, Murkowski, et. al.

    But the only reason Trump is throwing shade on DeSantis is because DeSantis stands a reasonable chance of beating him in the primary, and it’s no longer (if it ever was) about what’s best for America, it’s now about Trump and revenge.

    We don’t have time for revenge, we need to fix things, make this country prosperous and free again. And that will be the best revenge.

  3. Donald, we love ya, but let the people decide! If you want to run, then run, along with everyone else who has the urge. But if you want to see a Republican/Conservative in the White House in 2025, EVERYBODY save your venom for the asshole Democrats!

    1. very well said Murphy.

      In the primary in 2016 I backed Cruz because I thought he had better temperment to be president. I switched to Trump after he won the primary. Trump’s trash talk of Republicans was very off putting. Save the venom for the socialists, leftists and Democrats (significant overlap).

      Trump’s name calling of DeSantis isn’t warranted. DeSantis has done a fine job in Florida.


  4. I’m so over Trump that it’s not even funny. Voted for him enthusiastically in 2016 and 2020, but let’s be honest. He’s old and getting older. And no, the “mean tweets” never bothered me. What bothered me was that the actions never matched the tweets. DeSantis at least does things.

    1. If true that could backfire on them the same as the left promoting MAGA candidates in the primaries “because they’ll be easy to beat” did.

      I’m ready for someone who can fight without resorting to childish bullshit on Twitter. Will be voting for Ron over Don.

    2. I don’t like the fact that rich fat cats are lining up to dump millions into DeSantis’ campaign, all of whom seem to be WEF, Club for Growth and Chamber of Commerce types. Add in the Paul Ryan/Rick Wilson (Lincoln Project)/Jeb! globalist political whores who are now fawning over RDS and it makes a guy wonder. This looks and smells like a pre-emptive anti-populist push by the GOPe to get ahead of the Trump wave and neuter him before the new Congress gets its feet on solid ground. RDS should be coming for Kevin McCarthy’s head, not setting up appointments for lobbyists with that sweet, sweet, Davos/WEF/Sea Island cash.

      I didn’t like the move to pin that name on RDS, but the voting public deserves to know who’s buying RDS, (and he IS being bought) and what they expect to get for the price they paid.

      Two short tweets that sum it up:

      1. I hope the insult was just Trump jerking the media/political establishment’s chain, and that Desantis is taking the money but will leave his alleged buyers pissing in the wind when the moment of truth comes.

        But politics is politics and hope doesn’t count for much without a magic lamp at hand.

      2. Ken Griffin has spent $5 M on De Santis.

        While he’s supporting one of this cycle’s biggest culture warriors in DeSantis, Griffin said most hot-button issues — abortion rights, battles over sex education and LGBTQ rights — don’t define his interests. He wants to improve the diversity of the GOP and blunt the vein of populism that has complicated the party’s relationship with the corporate world — two things he’s consulted with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about.

  5. Amen. And amen. Despite holding my nose & voting for him in 2020, I’ve loathed him from day one and still do.

    He made those remarks stumping for Doug Mastriano. I’ll wager nobody knows that because true to form, Donnie Douchebag made it all about him. As he always does. Look up “narcissistic little bitch” in the dictionary & you know whose picture you’ll find.

  6. Hilarious that you posted this today. I sent this to some friends the other day.

    “It’s started! The Donald calling Ron DeSanctimonious. He’s got a nickname for him already. He’s a political powerhouse, but Ron is sooooo far ahead of him in these skills, I don’t think The Donald will know what happened until he looks down and sees his entrails on his shoes.

    The Dems are so f’d up I’m confident Trump could win in 2024. But Ron would beat his numbers significantly, I think, because he doesn’t have the negative baggage Trump has. He has all the policy chops, all the ‘stick your thumb in the establishment eye’ instincts of Trump without the immaturaty and narcissism.

    It will be interesting, but apparently, it’s “fight’s on” for The Donald. He tries to go toe to toe with DeSantis, he won’t know what hit him.

  7. Bite me, Trump haters. Politics ain’t bean bag and Trump became POTUS precisely because he’s a brass-knuckles street brawler. It’s pathetic that even here there are folks who get indignant because he doesn’t raise his little finger properly when he drinks his tea.

    1. If I berated your wife the same way he’s trashed so many of the women who’ve crossed his path you’d feed me my front teeth, and I’d have it coming. On the other hand, maybe you wouldn’t. In which case your bride has my sympathies.

      1. These women seemed to have come away happy and enriched. But that seems kind of unimportant compared to the fact that he was the most pro-America, pro-economy, pro-border, pro-life, pro-Israel, anti-PC president in living memory.

    2. Are you a parrot? Do all of you Trump dick riders get a little script with the “he’s a street brawler!” sound byte? It was a fun 4 years, but the Trump brand is well past it’s expiration date and repeating these demonstrably false bumper sticker slogans should embarrass you.

      But hey, he pardoned some stupid rappers. That’ll Make America Great Again!

    3. You idiots will be gagging on that tinhorn’s cock even after he loses another election. “HES A STREET FIGHTER DUR!”. They could make one of those children’s toys that parrots random propaganda and save you the trouble of posting that stupid rhetoric. Deeds > words. Want to have a look at how his endorsed candidates did yesterday?

      It was a fun 4 years, but Trump aint the hill to die on and he only cares about Trump. And I say that after voting for him twice.

      And what the fuck is it with you boomers and grabbing your ankles for the goddamned Izzies?

      1. Or they could make one of those twink fuckdolls and save your boyfriend the trouble of lubing your ass up. And speaking of deeds, he saved your faggot ass from 4-8 years of Hillary Bitch Clinton.

        1. Drink bleach and save us from your faggotry.

          For the rest, Wanna compare DD214s? I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.

  8. What would you think if Desantis yanked a criminal out of prison and sent him to live in the house next door to you?
    That’s what he did when he sent the illegals to Mass.
    He should have sent them back across the border.
    Or, prevented them from coming into FL in the first place.

    1. Here’s a nagging little issue with the constitution that makes that impossible:
      “While there are various arguments for where Congress derives its authority to regulate immigration, the Supreme Court has repeatedly held that immigration is federal and mostly a plenary power of the U.S. Congress.”

      Govs. Abbott & RDS got tens of millions of dollars worth of “political awareness” for the price of a few hundred bus tickets. All legal and all to drive home the point that illegal immigration can no longer be used as a cudgel to punish red border states.

      1. Topcat,
        You’re absolutely right. Unfortunately the folks on Martha’s Vineyard and in other deep blue areas did not understand the lesson at all. They think that border states should be forced to bear the costs and consequences of unfettered migration condoned and encouraged by the current administration at the Federal level of government. The border states should be shipping these illegal immigrants to every self proclaimed sanctuary city. Then beat them up in the press by bringing this to the attention of the people. “hey, you people declared yoruself a sanctuary city so start pulling your weight. Us border states have been pulling everyone’s weight and we’re all done with it. Time for you to pay your fair share.”


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