1. I’m betting the Bosses wife was going to drop by the office at some point during the day, otherwise she is clearly doing what she was hired for because there was no mention of what important function she was supposed to be doing.

  2. Yes. I yield to no one in my appreciation of teh bewbs, but totally unprofessional and inappropriate for the office.

  3. I think she misunderstood. The boss meant to send her to HIS home, with the idea that he’d be around shortly to further discuss her life choices.

    Of course, kinda worrisome to consider what she looks like with the 10 lbs of makeup washed off her face, but then not too many people looking up that high.

  4. Heh, reminds of my Business Management course 45 years ago during the bra burning 70s when just such a scenario was described and the big tittied chick who’s name escapes me demanded the right to come to work in a silk top, no bra, and the men should just mind their own business!

    Conclusion was boys will be boys and girls should remember that. Even if it wasn’t fair because this is the real world.

    However, my first response here was:
    “Sweetie, when I sent you ‘home’, I meant to my house. I’d have been along shortly.”

  5. So she was looking for attention and got it but didn’t like it. So she got attention for getting attention.

  6. I wouldn’t have sent her home, which smacks too much of middle-school, but I’d certainly sit her down to make sure she understands the consequences of her choice. She WILL be ogled and there isn’t a damn thing management can do about it so don’t come in later to complain about it.

  7. “Sweetie, if you’re going to wear that blouse, you really need to also wear a skirt that can be hiked up above your waist. Now, bend over the desk.”

  8. Depends on what her job is.

    If it’s high end sales, then no. It’s fine. I had a sales engineer friend that was fretting that a woman like that he supported went to another team. I’ll never forget the line as he was fretting over his lower commissions..”Ahh…maron…you can’t tell me that’s not a factor”

  9. Here is the problem with what she is wearing:
    Women who dress like this do so to get attention. Then they fall all over the first attractive (either through physical looks or having $$, or something else she wants) man who gives them the attention that they are seeking. If some of the attention that they receive is from a man that they regard as being unattractive, the same woman will complain about sexual harassment from that man and about how accusing women of “asking for it” is blaming the victim. This creates all kinds of HR and legal liability.

    The other women in the office who aren’t dressing like this accuse the woman of trying to sleep her way to the top, or they get angry that the men in the office are pigs. Women are catty like that.

    Have a dress code, enforce it, and this all goes away. Send her and her cleavage home.

  10. If she’s a shooting instructor or range safety officer that low a cut is just asking for a burn from a hot casing.

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