Still Inappropriate?

Last week we saw how a woman was sent home from work because her tits were hanging out of her dress.

So she covered up completely, only to run afoul of HR once more:

The worker was wearing a midi length, high neck, black bodycon dress when she was approached by HR for the second time in a week about her ‘distracting’ and ‘revealing’ clothes.

Yeah, the dress is tight-fitting, but it’s actually very modest.  I remember seeing women dressed like this not just as daily office wear, but for formal meetings.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you simply have to tell HR to fuck off, and I think that time has come for our young lady.


  1. The tits out blouse wasn’t appropriate but this black dress is appropriate for the office.

    I think at this point they are targeting her. I’m sure the UK has some strict HR laws that could protect her from harassment.


  2. When I was young, it was the custom of the management to bring new hires around to all the offices and introduce them. One day they brought a new secretary to our office and she was wearing a clingy white cotton dress with no underwear. Not only could we see her areolae, but her pubic hair was showing through the dress as well. It was a religious experience for all of us engineers. I think the boss had a little talk with her.

    1. By “anonymous” do you mean late 40s-mid 50s, 75-100+ pounds overweight, divorced probably multiple times with no current prospects, mad at the world female, with a career that has hit the wall ?

    2. I worked at a jazz station in the mid 2000s. Jazz geeks like to know all the personnel on a cut; one that I back announced included players with Hispanic names. The GM sat me down after my shift & advised there’d been a complaint about my pronunciation of those names. I knew exactly who it had come from (I won’t mention his name except that it rhymes with Arturo Montolongo). My reply that I don’t speak Spanish didn’t seem to resonate.

      I advised that I’d be going to HR to file a complaint against the entire staff for the mispronunciation of my surname: Kotowski. In Polish, W is often pronounced we pronounce an F. That no one does that across the fruited plain is irrelevant – how DARE you disrespect my ancestry. I also advised the next time I saw anyone using chopsticks to eat their Chinese take out, I’d be filing another complaint for Cultural Appropriation®.

      There were no more complaints about my Spanglish after that.

  3. Something smells fishy about this (get your mind out of the gutter!) Are we sure this isn’t a stealth advertising campaign?

  4. I’d say the tits-out look depends on her job. A receptionist? Why not. I’ve seen women dressed similarly and they usually have a jacket that goes with.

    That said, I’ve seen worse – tube tops with a sheer blouse and mini skirt, blouses similar to that, tight outfits of all kinds. Like I said, depends on the role. Sales rep? Yup. You can’t tell me that a low blouse isn’t a factor. Hell, it was the only reason back in the day we had display pagers AND cell phones. The pager lady was a hottie and the bossman was sweet on her.

  5. Another explanation is that the Bosses wife was due in for lunch on those days.

    Common dress code for Big Pharma Sales Reps. They know nothing about the products they are selling, but most Doctors buy lots of whatever it is.

  6. One might have to inquire if the HR bimbo at this locations happens to be a Muslim or (gasp!) might be battling an urge to pursue lesbian practices, hence the agitation. And if it is in or around Detroit, could well be both.

  7. I have zero objections to sexy women showing some boob, BUT I do expect those women not to object if I look.

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