That Awful Colonialist Elizabeth

A whole bunch of racist assholes (and disaffected Argies) have been rejoicing at the death of Queen Elizabeth II, as a “colonialist” and all that rubbish.  Accusing Elizabeth of colonialism is the same as accusing (for example) Joe Biden of slavery — i.e. it happened a long time ago and in Elisabeth’s case, was an inherited legacy.

That nitwit in the first link says that “we should examine the role of Queen Elizabeth in colonialism.”

Okay, let’s.

Why don’t we see what happened to all those British colonies in Africa, for example, following Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953:

Sudan: 1956
Ghana: 1957
British Somaliland (Somalia): 1960
Nigeria: 1960
Sierra Leone: 1961
Tanganyika (Tanzania): 1961
South Africa: 1961
Uganda: 1962
Kenya: 1963
N. Rhodesia (Zambia): 1964
Nyasaland (Malawi): 1964
Gambia: 1965
Bechuanaland (Botswana): 1966
Basutoland (Lesotho): 1966
Swaziland: 1968

The dates following the countries’ names refer, of course, to their full independence from Britain and becoming thus fully-fledged nation-states.

And all happened during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Some colonialist.


  1. As I look at the list of nations that were liberated from British (and other) colonialism I note how many have become the homes of anarchy, chaos, genocide, and cruel dictatorships. As you say Africa always wins. Back in the day the disciplined King’s or Queen’s Rifles could maintain order and help raise the standard of civilization. Sure the king or queen got their cut but a percentage of something is better than all of nothing.

    1. The share left over was probably an order of magnitude higher then whats left after 60 to 70 years of home rule, the exception being the few nations that kept the colonial framework somewhat in place.

  2. The forced-decolonization that we saw after WW2 may have consigned far more people to poverty and peonage than what it was designed to fight.

  3. Just more anti-White hatred. It’s all the vogue nowadays.

    /MontyPython: What have Whites ever done for us? /MontyPython

  4. As Peter Hitchens wisely remarked in the Mail, “… if you go around claiming to be in favour of free speech – as so many do these days – then you are in favour of it for people you don’t like, saying things you may even hate.”

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