Hail To The Chief

My name (Kim) is not actually a name;  it’s an old Anglo-Saxon title, meaning “chief” or “chieftain” — the ancient Brit tribes not caring whether their chief was a man or a woman.  It’s the reason that it can be given to either a boy or girl.

So the title for this post is to welcome the new BritPM, Liz Truss, to 10 Downing Street.  Let’s have a look at her:

Okay, so she seems to have the proper ummm attributes for a chief, if you get my drift, and apparently the BritCommies and the Euros think she’s The Next Hitler, so she can’t be all bad.

Let’s see how she does.


    1. Are you sure? “…her speech to the Centre for Policy Studies in which she skewered ‘the equality debate’ as being ‘dominated by a small number of unrepresentative voices and by those who believe people are defined by their protected characteristic.’”

  1. Apparently vanilla is the most purchased ice cream flavor internationally. She brings to mind the “if white bread could sing” quip. Her rival was also as steadfastly middle-of-the-road as a Cape Town driver.

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