No Argument Here

Some Dude On The Internet gives his opinions on and ranks the 5 Most Accurate Poodleshooters, and having fired all but one of them, I can only agree — which must be the first time I’ve ever agreed with pretty much any YouTuber on this kind of topic when it comes to guns.

The rankings:

5. CZ 75 SP-01 (I prefer the original 75 B, but it’s really a moot point)

4. CANIK TP9 SFX (haven’t shot this one yet, but I’m Willing To Learn)

3. SPRINGFIELD TACTICAL RESPONSE 1911 (1911, ’nuff said.  Shows what I know;  I wasn’t aware that Springfield even made this model in 9mm…)

2. GLOCK 19 (actually, I shoot the silly plastic Glock 17 more accurately than just about any other poodleshooter, but whatever)

1. SIG SAUER P210 TARGET (I’ve only ever shot this once — actually, it was an older P210-6, but I’m sure the new one (P210-9) is just as good.  Even I was capable of 2″ groups at 15 yds, for 200 rounds of 115gr FMJ.  And yeah, it’s spendy, just as Swiss watches cost more than Thai watches).

For me, the SIG is the ONLY one of these that could replace the Browning High Power, with the CZ 75 and Springfield a distant 2a and 2b.

Old Man Crush #305

Have I ever mentioned before just how infatuated I am with actress Laura Linney?  For one thing, she’s an excellent actress quite deserving of a star on Hollywood Boulevard:

…and then, of course, we get to the strawberry-blonde hair, fine body and OMG those exquisite dimples:


Readers without failing memories may recall that she played Abigail Adams in the excellent HBO mini-series John Adams — and all I can say is that if the real-life Abigail was half as beautiful as Laura, it’s a miracle that ol’ John ever got to Philadelphia.

Good Things For A Hero

This is a Good Thing:

A Republican representative [Jim Lucas] from Seymour, Indiana, has created a GoFundMe account for 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken, the young man who stopped a mass shooting at a mall earlier this month.
Dicken has retained legal counsel, Lucas noted. “I ask for your contribution to help with Eli’s legal and financial challenges that lay ahead of him,” the Republican said. “EVERY PENNY of your donation goes to Eli to be used for his legal defense, counseling, potential time off of work or whatever financial challenges he may be faced with.”
The account, which has been confirmed by The Republic, has already raised more than $62,000 for Dicken.

I gave $20;  I only wish it could be more.  And one last thought: 

Sometimes, good things come in a plain wrapper…

RFI: Widthways Expansion

Question for the tifosi:

Was the Testarossa when Ferrari decided to build bigger and fatter cars?  I mean, from the Mondial:

…to the Testa, in less than a year?

It’s a serious question.  I for one have always preferred the smaller-framed Ferraris over the bloated modern models, and I think it was the Testarossa which started the trend.  But I seek info on this topic from someone who knows more than I do.

News Roundup

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And as always, the news is kinda shitty…

yeah, like that’s going to put the fatties off their Big Macs.

from Turban Durbin, the moron who thought Al-Qaeda was just a social club.

yeah, this endless rodentophobia has to come to an end — it’s more urgent than the climate “emergency”.

and you’re not full of shit;  you’re excrementally crammed, you Commie bitch.

key words:  Spanish pilot.

hands up all those who think that Bidenson is actually going to go to jail for this… none of you, huh?  Me neither.

nom nom nom BBQ !  (translated from the original Bear).

Britain without fish ‘n chips would be like… New Jersey.  One day you’ll only be able to get a decent fish ‘n chips in Spain or Portugal.

silly me, and I thought it would be Russia or China.

what with senile dementia, I’ve quite forgotten who gets tied up first.

if by that you mean “incredibly emaciated”, then yes. (no link, on humanitarian grounds)

And in (link-free) INSIGNIFICA:


as once again, we play the “Guess The Race” game amongst the participants.

as the sage said:  “No matter how beautiful she is, there’s always at least one guy who’s sick of all her bullshit.”  In Ulrika’s case, that would be at least four guys (ex-husbands/childspawners).

Anyway, here are some pics if, like me, you had no idea who this Emily chick is:

Just tragic.  Guy probably probably cheated on her with a chick who knows how to cook pasta.