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And as always, the news is kinda shitty…

yeah, like that’s going to put the fatties off their Big Macs.

from Turban Durbin, the moron who thought Al-Qaeda was just a social club.

yeah, this endless rodentophobia has to come to an end — it’s more urgent than the climate “emergency”.

and you’re not full of shit;  you’re excrementally crammed, you Commie bitch.

key words:  Spanish pilot.

hands up all those who think that Bidenson is actually going to go to jail for this… none of you, huh?  Me neither.

nom nom nom BBQ !  (translated from the original Bear).

Britain without fish ‘n chips would be like… New Jersey.  One day you’ll only be able to get a decent fish ‘n chips in Spain or Portugal.

silly me, and I thought it would be Russia or China.

what with senile dementia, I’ve quite forgotten who gets tied up first.

if by that you mean “incredibly emaciated”, then yes. (no link, on humanitarian grounds)

And in (link-free) INSIGNIFICA:


as once again, we play the “Guess The Race” game amongst the participants.

as the sage said:  “No matter how beautiful she is, there’s always at least one guy who’s sick of all her bullshit.”  In Ulrika’s case, that would be at least four guys (ex-husbands/childspawners).

Anyway, here are some pics if, like me, you had no idea who this Emily chick is:

Just tragic.  Guy probably probably cheated on her with a chick who knows how to cook pasta.


  1. Given the number of stories that the MSM is covering about Bidenson that are not good, I’m wondering if the left is getting ready to throw Biden under the bus and crushing Bidenson is part of that move.

    1. Bingo. 2 years ago, anyone who mentioned Hunter’s laptop was lampooned as a right wing lunatic. In the here & now you can hardly jump online without watching a Russian hooker go down on him while he’s smoking crack. Daddy’s cognitive decline is no longer concealable & they want him outta there.

      My prediction: Kamala Gobbledygook/Rear Admiral Buttigieg. It checks off their favored intersectional boxes & enables them to shriek RACISTHOMOPHOBE!! at every turn.

  2. First, Hunter Buyem will NEVER see the inside3 of a courtroom, let alone a jail cell. Merrick Garland will never bring charges, at fear of his phony-baloney job, and even if he ever did, Gropin’ Joe will fire up his Presidential pen again and pardon young Hunter all the way back to the dawn of recorded time.

    Second: about that poor, emaciated waif, Emily Whatshername, we may need to start a Big Mac Emergency Relief Fund. If you can see bones, whether on a dog, horse, or international model, that’s way too thin!

  3. Re: Hunter Biden: The big question isn’t if/when he’ll end up getting his mug shot taken, it’s when is he going to OD on one of his favored illegal substances.

    Re: Dick Durbin: I live in Illinois (and I want OUT!), and our Senators Durbin & Duckworth are political non-entities. Durbin might be the number 3 among senate dems, but the guy’s brain has atrophied to the point that if (big if) he ever again has an original thought, his head will explode. He’s just given talking points by the dems above and repeats them when nudged.

  4. In re: Ms Ratakowski and others of the haute beautiful.

    0% sympathy given for any/all of you. You aren’t dating the kind of men who would be loyal, because they’re largely ordinaries who aren’t professional athletes or billionaires. You are unwilling to show up to a red carpet event with a brick-layer on your arm, so you’re getting exactly what you asked for.

  5. Emily Ratajkowski got famous for dancing around in a video. Her statements are those of a moonbat’s moonbat. She is as intellectually vacuous as they come. Some guy probably got sick of cutting her meat for her.


  6. Now Fish and Chips shops closing, that’s a tragedy. Did England kill their fishing industry like they did to many other industries with excessive regulation and government interference?


  7. This is a little indelicate, but that Emily chick has no pussy.

    I mean, normal women have a nice soft, round vulva that protrudes to a greater or lesser degree, aka the Camel Toe, but she doesn’t seem to have anything there at all. Weird.

  8. “…yeah, like that’s going to put the fatties off their Big Macs.”
    As much as the political hacks wanting that are scientists…
    The problem with junk food is that it’s everywhere. Which is also its appeal.
    And of course that’s why political hacks are opposed to it, they want everyone to eat vegan gruel as prescribed by the WEF.

    I rarely eat it myself, mainly only when I’m working late and don’t have time to get groceries and cook.

    And still I find it next to impossible to lose weight, but that’s in large part because of my medication which causes major water retention and hunger pangs (I eat and drink 2-3 times as much as before I was switched to the new medication last month, went from losing 1-2lbs a week to gaining 4-5lbs a week overnight).

  9. Closest to the bone
    Sweeter is the meat
    Last slice of Virginia ham
    Is the best that you can eat
    Don’t talk about my baby
    She’s slender but she’s sweet
    Closest to the bone
    And sweeter is the meat
    Now she’d make a good thermometer
    If she drank a glass of wine
    She’s built just like a garter snake
    She climbs up like a vine
    My friends tell me I’m a fool
    To love a girl like that
    Here’s the reason I like ’em slim
    Instead of big and fat
    ‘Cause closest to the bone
    Sweeter is the meat
    Last slice of Virginia ham
    Is the best that you can ea

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