Almost, But Not Quite

Frequent Contributor Mike L. sends me this snippet:

GM on Friday unveiled the Cadillac Celestiq, previewing an upcoming car that will cost $300,000 or more when it goes into production by late 2023. The car marks a pivot for Cadillac into hand-built vehicles, which are typically reserved for high-end sports cars and uber-luxury models.

And I have to admit that for the modern style of car, it’s not too horrible:

Still as ugly as shit, but no worse than the new Rollers.

Of course, then we come to the real dog-turd in the ice cream:

Cadillac is calling the vehicle its new “all-electric flagship sedan.”

And there I was thinking that a decent 7.2-liter V12 engine would make this a worthy entrant into the hand-built car sector…

Hard pass, Cadillac.  Wouldn’t accept one for free, let along have to cough up 300 big ones for a battery-powered car.  Celestiq it up your Detroit assholes.


  1. I’m 69, I have no intention of EVER buying an electric car, there’s many more just like you and me!
    And, yes, that car is as ugly as shit, though of course, shit has a purpose.

  2. Pete Booty Judge, the “Secretary” of transportation (fitting label for a bitch), says if you can’t afford gas buy an electric vehicle.

    Yea. easy. So if I can’t afford 5 bucks a gallon gas, I’m sure I can easily afford 100,000 to 300,000 for an electric vehicle.

    Also I think these electric vehicles are a liberal trap

    1 – power outages or too much usage will lead to rationing. Mr. Smith, you have driven enough this week. The govt will not let you charge your car any more until next week. Or you live in a shithole like cali and there is a blackout. How do you charge your ev to leave?

    2 – who’s to say the libs don’t start taxing electricity at a higher rate once the masses move over to EV’s ???

    300,000 for a caddy. And then who knows how much for battery replacement, electricity costs and whatever other bullshit monthly features will be rented to you on a monthly basis as the car companies resell you your own car.

    1. What, exactly, are “Mayor Pete’s” qualifications to be Secretary of Anything? Folks in South Bend say, while he couldn’t fix a pothole, he did make sure the streetlights leading to Notre Dame were always working.

  3. If it’s all electric, why does it have that giant upright grille? If it’s just there for looks, it seems like it’s not very aerodynamic.

  4. I like it, but I also like a lot of ‘Syd Mead’s stuff’ and this is
    right out of several of his drawings, so …………………….
    On the other hand – electric ?? For $300K, um, NOPE, not even
    for $40K or $50K !!!!
    It’s just ANOTHER glorified golf cart !!
    Pity, Cadillac, you had some good ideas there for a few years, after
    you completely transformed the company, but, this abomination
    is just too far !
    For a long time I’ve felt ( known ?? ) that automotive companies’
    engineering departments are generally not populated with fools.
    I suspect most of the engineers and others are fully aware that
    ‘electric vehicles for EVERYONE’ is a pipe dream that cannot be done
    with today’s technology / grids / generating capacity !
    However they also know that there are enough bozos out there with
    enough money, who can be duped into the ‘I’m saving the planet’ BS
    that makes building these jokes profitable, at least for the time being !

    1. Car companies stopped being run by engineers quite a far bit back.
      Now, they’re dominated by marketing and finance types, who lack even taste in their mouths.

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