Open Borders, Repel Boarders

Oh yeah, about that “open border” foolishness (as espoused by the Biden Maladministration)?  Here’s a nice situation:

On Wednesday, the Richmond Police Department announced the arrests of Guatemalan nationals 52-year-old illegal alien Julio Alvardo Dubon and 38-year-old illegal alien Rolman Balacarcel Ac for allegedly plotting a mass shooting at the city’s July 4th celebration.

Note that these two criminals seem to have had absolutely no problem getting the necessary equipment:

That is when police raided Dubon’s residence to find two rifles, a handgun, and 223 rounds of ammunition.

…so let’s have MORE gun control, of course.

Never mind deportation — both are multiple border-jumpers.  Just fucking shoot them when they try to escape.


  1. “223 rounds of ammunition”? That’s an awfully precise count…almost as though some illiterate and innumerate boob read “.223 ammunition” in a police report and had no idea what it meant.

  2. These bastards literally fall under the heading of “spies and saboteurs”. Hang’em. I’m sick and tired of this shit.

  3. Refreshing to see them correctly labeled “illegal aliens” right out there in the open. It is Breitbart, after all, but a noteworthy thing that should become a trend.

      1. I prefer ‘colonizers’ –
        It more accurately describes their purpose
        in coming here.
        Perhaps a definition of that word should be
        included in any article using the word just so
        there is no misunderstanding !

  4. Kim, I know you’re not a fan of the secession movement, but given the topic of this post I thought you might like to see what the Texas Nationalist Movement has to say on the topic of Abbot’s half-hearted border control measures (and the Feds response):

    Apparently the DOJ thinks it’s illegal to discriminate against illegal aliens when enforcing border security.

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