Return Of The (Non) Native

Took off…

…and landed safely:

…all on the same day, after a 60-hour flight*.

“Now,” she asks me, “…exactly what day is it, and what’s the time?”  Always with the difficult questions.  She’s lucky I recognized her walking through the Customs gate…

*I know, I know… she says it just feels like it took sixty hours.


  1. Glad to hear that she’s home safely. Hopefully Hurricane Kim didn’t hit your apartment too hard


  2. A few decades ago I was part of a team from work that traveled to Taiwan. Returning home, we left Taipei at 17:00 after a day of work and flew to San Francisco where we cleared U.S. immigration. On the Taipei to San Francisco leg it got dark and then light. What day was it? We didn’t know, but we were sure we crossed the International Date Line.

    It was early evening when we left San Francisco for Dallas.

    It was full dark when we got to Dallas and caught a regional flight to Corpus Christi.

    At the Corpus airport my wife picked up a colleague and me at about 22:30 to deliver us home. The colleague was cold sober but so blasted by the trip that he couldn’t find his house, a house where he had lived for years.

    Yeah, I fully understand your wife’s confusion.

  3. I have done some of those flights when you leave one day and land in another hemisphere in a different time sequence, kind of screws up the internal clock. And I also flew a bit on those old time DC3 unpressurised planes where you bounced up and down and held the barf bag for the poor person who ate or drank grape soda before you took off. The grape soda happened to me sitting next to a young mom when I was going back to college and the stew handed me her baby to hold while she cleaned up the grape soda and whatever off of the young mom. I landed at the next airport on that flight and along with four others we paid for a taxi ride to out college town and avoided thirty more minutes of barfing and bumping. Folk don’t have any idea about air travel 60 years ago.

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